Imran Khan is Going to Appear in Supreme Court !! Lawyer Shoaib Shaheen Aggressive Media Talk

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Credit: Imran Khan is Going to Appear in Supreme Court

Imran Khan

Our plan is that we are going to the court and we have hope from the courts that inshallah inshallah we will get the victory of the truth, this is our right, we have conducted the elections for the second time and whatever court is there, it will give us the victory. 

It cannot be thrown in such a way that the biggest Bullet Party can be thrown away. Yesterday you had also seen the note of Justice Sattar Majla Saheb, but despite that, whatever the Election Commission has done, it is a complete murder on democracy. 

Look at the atrocities. To stop Kalakot, it has always been at the top, it will remain so in future also, but the question is not this, the question is that today the people have stood up, today the people are supporting us, the people are standing up, Inshallah, we will get justice and secondly, as far as the bat is concerned, Regarding the mark, I told you that we cannot even think that the mark of the bat will not be found. 

This matter also came up in the Supreme Court yesterday that the elections of other political parties which have been held in the same manner, are acceptable to you, only you are troubled by PTI

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There is a party in the whole of Pakistan. Tell me what happened. See Islam. Later, we have not received any serious complaints yet. We have received a few complaints but I will not say anything until verification is done. 

We have told all our friends to submit their papers. When the party will finally decide who will be given which constituency and the papers will be returned accordingly, but that does not mean that whatever is happening in Punjab all day yesterday or all day today or day after tomorrow will be done. We should stop raising our voice against them and tell them that these are the questions.

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