How can PTI win elections? Journalist Mazhar Abbas raised an important point

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How can PTI win elections?

How can PTI succeed in elections? Highlighting the important point, Sahafi Mazhar Abbas raised questions on the Election Commission. Speaking in the program of a private news channel, senior Sahafi Mazhar Abbas said that PTI assembled Punjab and KPK in August. 

When it ended, elections were to be held in November but they did not take place. At that time, Imran Khan will not be allowed to win all the tables. Imran Khan will be thrown out in any case. 

Now it seems that PTI will not be allowed to participate in the elections. Mazar Abbas said that at this time PTI has the option to boycott the elections but there is a dilemma in this whether the voters of PTI will sit at home, if they do this, if they do not vote then there will be a very bad impact on the percentage and this will be the success of Tehreek Insaaf. There are 2.5 crore votes and out of that 1 crore votes are not cast, then the difference will be more visible. 

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Sahafi Mazhar Abbas said that if you contest elections as an independent candidate, you will have to join some party or the other from which your people can be bought. Where the Election Commission’s decision is concerned, did it look into the circumstances under which PTI conducted the elections? Their leadership is closed. 

How can you close it under three MPOs. Did the Election Commission ask itself that in such a situation any party How to conduct elections.

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