No Vote Without Imran Khan? Shocking Election Survey Report Came

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If there is no Imran Khan, then there is no vote. Tehreek Insaf’s voters put a new condition. The survey surprised everyone and disturbed the habit of the PTI party. In July last year, a question was asked in the Gallup survey if Imran Khan is the chairman of Tehreek Insaf. Yes, but if the party takes part in the elections, will you vote for such a party? In response, 63% of the voters replied in the negative and said that they will not use their rightful opinion. 

In the survey, 37% of the voters said that they would vote for the party. According to Sahafi Insar Abbasi, what is causing great harm to Imran Khan and his party is that the Islamabad High Court has rejected Bani Tehreek Insaf’s request to cancel the sentence awarded by the trial court in the Toshakhana case. Islamabad High Court has stopped Imran Khan from taking part in the upcoming elections, although Tehreek Insaaf has the option to appeal to the Supreme Court, but the election schedule has been released and now very limited time is left.

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