International Media on Arrest of Shah Mehmood Qureshi

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Image Credit: International Media on Arrest of Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Arrest Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Assalam alekum, you are reading viksolve and I am Rukh Shan Mir, former minister of Pakistan, Wazir Khaja, 67, the father of politics, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, today you appeared before the magistrate and you were stunned and the way he talked about the treatment meted to him was indescribable. 

There is a statement from the SHO that he was hit while being brought, he was hit on the chin or a careless attitude was adopted towards him, all these incidents and all the mistreatment that happened to him, he has given this statement in front of the magistrate but all this mishandling. How is the international media reporting the man handling? I want to present before you the headlines of a few international newspapers. 

India writes on this that ex-Pakistani minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi is again arrested, dragged by police. One, The Hindu writes on this that PTI Sha Qureshi arrested after being released from Addala jail and he has described it in detail in his article that how a police inspector caught him by the collar and then dragged Sha Mahmood Qureshi into the police van and another economic Times of India writes that the photos about Shad Qureshi are painful and the way he was caught and put in the van is extremely painful. 

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On this, Voice of America has written that Pakistan under fire for mistreatment and arrest. Former Foreign Minister, the question is that a police inspector is dragging the former Wazir of Pakistan and putting him in a police van in this manner and it is being talked about in the whole world, it is being gossiped about, what is the meaning of Pakistan and If today this treatment is being given to the Wazir Khar of one political group, then tomorrow this treatment can also happen to the Wazir Khar of another political group and the same treatment can be done to the Wazir Khaja or Wazir of another political group and This has been happening in Maji, this has been happening with Vajra of Noon League, this has been happening with Vajra of People’s Party and Pakistan has been defamed in front of the world, this has been talked about, today if Muslim League Nawaz is silent on this. 

And it is very good that they are presenting a report on it that it was very good, whatever happened should have happened like this, so what is the probability that tomorrow, after a few years or a few months, this will be the case with Vajra of Noon League and the world will be shocked by this. 

But let’s say that when we talk about an important visit of Pakistan, when we talk about an important public office, then the world does not mention any political group but mentions the country that Pakistan’s Wazir Kharja is being treated like this, Pakistan’s Wazir Adhyala.

 He has been arrested today in 12 cases and the present government after several months remembered that these cases could also be filed against him and maybe in the coming few days. These 12 cases may become 24 cases, but at least in front of the cameras, in front of the media and this kind of treatment with an important personality, what message does it give to the world? This is a question and it is extremely painful and painful to accept. Please do express your valuable opinion in the comment section. Give permission to Rukh Shan Mir, Allah Hafiz.

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