iPhone 12 Remains Banned In Some Regions Of France, Despite Apple Pushing Out An Update That Lowers Radiation Levels

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iPhone 12

Apple recently rolled out a software update tailored for iPhone 12 users in France, seemingly aimed at addressing concerns related to the handset’s radiation emissions and ensuring compliance with regulatory authorities. However, ANFR, the governing body responsible for telecommunications in the country, issued a press release revealing that the ban on the 6.1-inch model, initially launched in 2020, still persists in certain regions. Notably, these regions fall outside France’s direct administrative control, possibly leading to an oversight by Apple.

This iPhone 12 ban continues to be enforced in what the press release refers to as ‘overseas departments.’ These ‘departments’ are territories located beyond France’s borders, and there are a total of 13 such regions worldwide. However, ANFR has opted to maintain the iPhone 12 ban in only five of these overseas departments: Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte, and Reunion.

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Given Apple’s recent software update for iPhone 12 users within the mainland French territory to address radiation levels, it’s understandable that the ban is upheld in these external regions. However, the lack of coordination and communication between ANFR and Apple has led to inconvenience for both parties and, ultimately, iPhone 12 users.

Thankfully, the press release offers a glimmer of hope, revealing that Apple has plans for a forthcoming update in these five territories, with an anticipated release by the year’s end. It was previously reported that Apple’s employees were aware of the ban but instructed to keep this information confidential. However, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that smartphone radio waves have adverse effects on human health during extended use, with even the World Health Organization’s research showing no such side effects.

Nevertheless, the warning issued to Apple around the release of the iPhone 15 left the company with little choice but to comply, as non-compliance could have jeopardized the four new models. The regulatory body was closely scrutinizing these new releases, posing additional challenges for the tech giant.


News Source: wccftech

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