OLED iPad and MacBook to feature exciting new display tech from LG

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Samsung Display has been a prominent manufacturer of OLED screens mentioned in numerous reports concerning Apple’s prospective iPad and MacBook models. However, Apple also collaborates with LG, and recent reports indicate that LG is preparing to expand its production lines to cater to upcoming Apple products.

The iPad Pro, available in 11-inch and 13-inch variants, is expected to be the first to incorporate these new OLED screens in the coming year. LG is also anticipated to supply OLED panels for MacBooks, with this integration projected to occur by 2027. It’s worth noting that a recent report mentioned that Apple would not introduce OLED screens in its MacBook Pros until 2027, awaiting the development of new manufacturing lines by suppliers.

LG’s role as a potential supplier of larger OLED panels for Apple doesn’t come as a surprise. LG is renowned for manufacturing some of the finest TV OLED screens and already supplies OLED panels for iPhones. Nevertheless, the OLED screens for the forthcoming iPad and MacBook are expected to be distinctive.

Prior reports have indicated that Apple is opting for a two-stack design for iPad Pros featuring OLED screens. This technology involves a two-stack tandem structure comprising two stacked light-emitting layers. The recent report from The Elec also corroborates this choice.


The primary advantage of using two-stack structures is their enhanced efficiency. These screens can deliver the same level of brightness as single-stack screens while being more power-efficient. This increased power efficiency can contribute to the longevity of products, a particularly important aspect for devices like iPads and MacBooks, which are expected to remain functional for several years.

It’s worth noting that LG has been developing “RD” display technology, primarily intended for car infotainment systems and IT products. The initial RD OLED panels found applications in both vehicles and IT products. However, the upcoming iPad and MacBook models featuring OLED panels will boast entirely new LG screens designed specifically for these product categories.

The iPad Pros are anticipated to feature LG’s RDE OLED generation starting next year, and RDG OLED screens are expected to power Apple’s MacBooks by 2027. Additionally, the RDF version will be utilized in Genesis cars.

LG’s RD OLED screens have already been adopted in various tech products, such as Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold foldable laptop. The RDC generation was integrated into this year’s LG Gram Fold and HP Spectre Fold foldable laptops. Furthermore, LG also produced RDC OLED panels for use in Mercedes cars.

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