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OMG | Write 1000 Articles in 1 Hour |

AI Content Creation

In 2024, producing 1000 articles in 1 hour using AI is not a big deal, so this thing is very easy, but if I tell you honestly, I do not like the idea that you can produce 1000 articles in an hour. If yes, then what would be its quality, and what would it be worth, but still some people do not understand this and they request that brother, we want this article, we have to generate content in bulk, it might be possible, there could be some other reasons too, so for that. In today’s article, I am going to tell you step by step in detail what process you can do using AI to produce a large number of articles. On March 15, I am going to share the six-month recording of the previous batch of Blogging Master 3 with the maximum number of people. So this will be a giveaway. Make sure you subscribe to the channel so that you can get its updates. 

Let’s start the article. First of all, let’s go to the screen. Here the tool I am using is S writing so there are many tools. Trust me, there are many tools in the market but I found this tool to be a bit friendly as it is comparable with other tools and there are some options inside it which makes your article very easy compared with other tools in which you can There is no talk of content optimization. To use this tool, you will have to take its package because this tool will only generate content in bulk. To generate content, it will still require API. Open AI’s API is open AI’s API first. We will have to take it, so I will show you the process of that. Okay, here I have logged in to my account, you have to simply sign up, and go to this URL,, after that, if you go to API keys, then you will find the API key. It can be generated from here, but before generating the API, the first process that you have to do is that you have to go to Settings, from here you have to go to Billings and in Billing, you have to have a credit load of at least $ dollar. 

OMG | Write 1000 Articles in 1 Hour | AI Content Creation
OMG | Write 1000 Articles in 1 Hour

You have to see the number of tokens and the number of credits you use. Your API will be charged accordingly. Now here you can see the credit balance. So you have to click here and it will ask for your card details. At this time, through my API. There is only a $4 balance inside, I have kept this much balance just to show it by running it, after you do this thing, you will know about the limits and then you will see here which limits with which model. What are the limits, how many tokens will you use, if you generate content using GPT 3.5 Turbo, then there are 60000 tokens. Remember that there is a token of four characters, similarly, if you use GPT 4, then 10000 will be on your tokens. Minutes will be used. Okay, after that you have gone to API keys and after going to API keys, now you have to generate the AA key. So the process of generating the AA key is quite straightforward. 

All you need to do is create a secret. New Key: As soon as you click on it, it will give you a key. You have to copy it. After copying, the next process is to go back to your tool and from here you have to go to Integrations. After going to Integrations, you have to go back to this tool. When you come here, Open API will be written here, you have to paste the key, there will be a connect button here because right now disconnect is coming because I have already connected, as soon as you connect, it will be written successfully connected here after that. If you want, you can also connect it to your WordPress website by clicking here, it is a very straightforward process, they give you a plugin, download it, and upload it to your WordPress and your connection will be done after that. Go to the dashboard and go to the dashboard. Now if you want to generate a single article then you will use this option. If you want to generate articles in bulk then you will use this option for that then go to bulk. 

You go here, and it first asks you a main keyword, so whatever are your keywords, it is obvious that if you want to take out the bulk, whatever the keywords, one by one, you draw an ad here and go on adding your keywords. You can also give the data of keywords in the file, from here there is an option of import from single, inside that you will give the list of all the keywords and you can upload them here, you have to click on the title here, then for the title you can click here. If you click on generate then it will extract the titles and give them to you but inside this package, it will generate 100k words, this is a package of $19, so this is 100k words per month, your titles are here, NLP keywords, so this is the thing which is most important for you. NLP keywords optimize your content automatically, so if you have given your keyword here, and got the title generated here, after that you have to extract NLP terms for the same keyword here because these are those terms. 

This will be used in the content so that Google’s select all country languages, select US, the tone of voice should be friendly, in the point of view you have to select that brother, it should be in the first person that I am sharing my experience with. You have to use this one. You can select any target country but it is important to select US. What is the article size to be kept here? According to the keyword, you will decide that this keyword will be 1000 words, 2000 3000 words, then here Four basic sizes are given: Extra Small has 1200 words maximum, within Small you have 2400 words maximum, within A Medium you have 3600 words maximum and in Large you have 5200 words. So for example, if your information is a keyword, then word count for it. Yours is different. If you have a commercial keyword, then your word count is different for that. Now the most important thing is which model of GPT you have to use. If you see, some models are coming here. 

You will know that 3.5 is an older model which was the basic model, these are the tokens of GPT 418, GPT 4 is turbo, GPT 4 is 48k and GPT 4 is 128k turbo, so the bigger the model you use, the more credits it uses. Your expense will come. If the API is fine then if you generate one article using 3.5, your cost is 0.1. That means 10 cents, your cost will be if you generate an article of 2000-3000 words using 3.5. Similarly, if you generate four If you use it then your article cost can be Rs 0.3 to 4. Now calculate the cost according to the number of articles you have to remove and then you will have to load the same balance. Just remember one thing in the API. 

There will be a balance in the API. This will work as many articles as you want to extract, otherwise, it will not work, so you have to remember this thing, after that, you come here in this intense mode, if you want to give some extra options, then you can give them here also, keep giving samples. Come to their media hub, there will be AI-generated images here, if you say, I want to remove the number of images, you can make one, make two, which image style do you want, the image style is multiple, but you can take a photo of it from here, after that image. The size of this is the best, the YouTube1 article is enough and in this layout, you have to select alternate images and articles. 

Now here is a very important thing about the introduction, he has given you some tips if you want to keep a question-based introduction. If yes, then this command prompt will be used to generate content from AI. Craft an intriguing question that immediately draws the reader’s attention. Then the question will be created according to your keywords. If you talk about statistics according to the number of keywords then here It will show statistics and it will show facts in the introduction because we write the introduction in such a way that the user becomes curious to read further, so this thing is also very important, here I will now recommend that you do statistics so that your user can know the reality. Let’s say yes brother, we are talking about statistics, we are talking about facts, after that, what should be included in your content, there should be a conclusion, yes there should be tables, yes there should be headings, there should be lists, there should be italics, there should be codes, I am not doing this. 

There is no need for codes, whether to take away or not, is up to you, F-causes should be bold, yes, make some things bold, after it is saying connect to the web, now we want that brother, the research you do. You have to do that from the web, for that you have to do it here. Yes, now what will be the benefit of this feature to you is that the research that you will get after doing this will be done by the sites that are being searched on the internet for that keyword. Whose content is he creating, you have to keep this thing in mind that the content of the keyword is a keyword, if its content is researched, here you can also read ‘Quickly Finds from Thematic Sources’ that similar sources will be fine and after that You make the source link yes here so that your external link is also added or a reference link is added so that you will not have any problem tomorrow. If someone tells you that you have used our style, then you will say that we have credited the link. Brother, that problem is also over for you. 

Where will the document be saved? Now in the dashboard that is open on this website, go to it. Here, I will come up and show you that by going to the section containing this document, it will be saved there, along with it. After playing it, you can also change it a bit. When you have installed the plugin, here you will get a side option. If you select it, it will ask whether to draft, publish, what to do, schedule, everything, every setting is there. Then after that, it will also ask that brother, keep the image inside it featured, everything is there, brother, everything is complete, it generates complete props, it will do it till the article is published and lastly you will be getting written here Open AI API. 

You must have written that no, you have to turn it to yes, only when you say yes, you will see this feature in which you have to select the model, you will be able to select that model, so now after this, you have to finally come up and from here If you click on Run, then basically what it will do is that it will start processing the articles as per the time as per the number of keywords you have provided here plus the amount of balance inside your API. So you have to remember this thing, only then do You have to deposit it when the balance is already inside your account. From there, you generate the API and when you deposit it here, it will work. Before that, it will not work. You have to remember this thing and you have to make sure that you are using this website. If you do this according to which package will be suitable for you, then trust me your articles will be generated very seamlessly and smoothly but again this is not very high optimization of your articles or not at the level of optimization that I am doing in my blogging. In the mastery batch, I teach the students why if it takes us an hour to generate one article with AI and if it generates 200-300 articles in an hour, there is a difference in quality as well if you want. You can join that also, if not if you want to learn only that part, then you can learn that thing from me by booking a consultation. There will be a number below in the One R consultation, from there you can get the details for today’s article. If you liked the article so much then please like it and if you want the recordings of Blogging Mastery Batch 3 will be given away on 15th March, make sure you subscribe to the channel so that you can get the news and updates, till then see you in the next article. Goodbye

Is it possible to generate high-quality content using AI tools?

While AI tools can facilitate the rapid generation of content, the quality of the output ultimately depends on several factors, including the input prompts, the AI model used, and the optimization techniques employed. With careful planning and refinement, it’s possible to produce high-quality content using AI.

How can AI-generated content be optimized for SEO?

AI-generated content can be optimized for SEO by incorporating relevant keywords, meta tags, and NLP terms strategically throughout the text. Additionally, focusing on readability, coherence, and user engagement can contribute to improved search engine rankings and visibility.

What role do keywords play in AI content generation?

Keywords serve as the foundation for guiding AI models in content generation, helping to ensure relevance and alignment with the intended topic or theme. By incorporating targeted keywords and NLP terms, content creators can optimize their AI-generated content for search engines and audience engagement.

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