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PTI Election mart case

Scooting of candidates for Election 2024 is complete, big personality of PTI is out, PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Zain Qureshi, Meherbano Qureshi and Yasmin Rashid, papers of nominees from Mustar NA 19, Asad Qaiser from NA 20, Shahram Karar, many Ali Amin, Gandapur Murad Documents of Saeed Azam Suwati Hamad Azar Ali Mohammed Khan Zartaj clan Parvez Ilahi Salahi approved, Umar Ayub Latif Kosa and Azhar Siddiq’s papers approved, Usman Dar’s mother and sister-in-law’s papers approved from N 71, Mustar PT leader Asad Qaiser said that the senior leaders Papers were canceled to make Nawaz Sharif Wazir Azam O Haliye, Legi Quaid Nawaz Sharif’s papers approved from 130 and 15 Shehbaz Sharif’s papers approved from NA 123 Maryam Nawaz’s papers approved from four circles Hamza Shehbaz Javed Hashmi Nomination papers of Jahangir Tareen, Aamir Dogar Saad Rafiq and Ayaz Saad were approved, Khawaja Asif from Sialkot also got the first Marhala Ubu, Bilawal Bhuto’s papers from N 127 were approved, Sirajul Haq’s papers from Lower Di were also approved, Firdous Ashiq Awan Golak Abrar Ul Documents of Haq nominated, documents of Faamida Mirza, Zulfikar Mirza and Hasab Mirza, Papers of Mustar Sheikh Rashid and his nephew Sheikh Rashid, papers of Mustar Sheikh Rashid from both the circles of Rawalpindi, announcement of going to the Supreme Court against being Mustar. Aaron called on 30 minutes’ notice and accused him of staying at Maree Rest House without payment. 

Image Credit: Aaron called on 30 minutes’ notice and accused him of staying at Maree Rest House without payment. 

He never stayed at Maree Rest House. Scrutiny of papers on 16 Qaumi Assembly members and 51 General Nishis of Subai in Balochistan. Documents of 41 office-bearers including that of complete Sabic Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri, papers of Mustar BNP chief Akhtar Mengal, papers of nominated Mustar Sabic Governor Zahoor Aga were also tainted, papers of Khalid Nangu, convicted in NAB case, canceled from N 265, Mahmood Khan Ajak Zai and Maulana Faz Maan’s papers approved. 

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Appeal against nomination papers approved or canceled can be made till January 3 Apple Tribunal will give verdict on appeals till January 10 Examination marks will be allotted to the candidates on January 13 Joint Suba Election Commission Balochistan Abdul Qayyum Shenwa says that preparations should be completed to make the election process smooth. 

Monitoring rooms have been set up in the district and on the needle surface. The plan for security of 5058 polling stations has also been canceled. Sindhu tells the areas of Punjab in the name of tune. Morway A1 from Swabi to Burhan M3 from Faizpur to Darkhana closed for traffic Motorway A4 and A5 also Dhun Ki Byas completely closed Accident by Dhun Bias in Bhawal Nagar 10 people got injured after the bus overturned Israeli army attacks in the courtyard continue 24 hours In Majid 165 Palestinian martyrs, the number of martyrdom increased from 21600, one Ker Kamali soldier was also killed due to Israeli bombardment, intense clashes between Hamas and Israeli army, many soldiers were killed and tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed. Israeli army killed two soldiers including a Major. 

Tasdik Protests across the world against the Israeli Majli in Gaza; Darul Hukumat of France; Oppressed Palestinians in Paris; Anti-Israel slogans at the Izar-e-Zaiti rally; Hundreds of people protest at the Wazar Khaja building in Spain; Mujahideen massacre in Gaza [Music] Mutalaba to close PTI Infra Party Intekhab and Intekhab Nishan case Nazar Sani appeals against the decision of Peshawar High Court Lawyers of Election Commission request the Power High Court to end the hook and give divisional bench notice for the case Mohsin Kamran submitted Peshawar High Court, overturning the decision of Election Commission regarding PTI intra party intakhab and intakhab mark, reinstated Tehreek Insaf’s intakhab mark, There was no general election on 8th February Youth of this country and community Fate has changed, Nawaz Sharif has come to shower flowers of love and affection, Shehbaz Sharif’s title from the rally in Sheikhpura said, ‘Kash coal is still in our hands, we have to eliminate poverty and unemployment from the country, youth have to see while voting who is the leader Bani PTI’s assets increased from Rs 3 crore to Rs 27 crore 72 lakh in 5 years. 

Wani details of PTI’s mother-in-laws. According to the documents named on Manjar, in 2023, the wealth of mother-in-laws is more than Rs 31 crore 590000. Ittehad government has bankrupted the country. 

We saved our tour from happening; Load shedding ended in Idar; Shehbaz Sharif accomplished Tawana’s plans working day and night; Nawaz Sharif’s Parlin chatting in the board meeting, Chief Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner took a big decision related to the Kharat of Islamabad, great MPO order penned against Gulzar and Shahriar Afridi; Allahabad High Court’s detailed decision issued; Government ordered to enact law in three months for the well-off Tiara in the heart of Islamabad; Chief Commissioner Islamabad’s notification said; Nafs is common in the future. It is against the law to arrest in the name of general elections European Union will not send any mission to Pakistan again for general elections Confirmation of European Union’s arrival in Pakistan Today in a conversation with news person Shaukat Paraz said that a budget is required for the mission. 

For which many mothers are needed, a small group of Mahreen has been sent Terrorism has increased in the country, the network of terror gangs comes from Afghanistan, the dead bodies have been placed in front of Afghanistan, newspapers are in talks with the work, translation office Kharja Mumtaz Zahra In Baloch’s program Rubaru Guftagu said, India is unhappy all over the world in summers, if there is money in the account then together we will solve the problem Nigra Wazir Top Punjab Masal Nakri has given permission for the residence of government employees from Tower G Staff Colony Laid the foundation stone of the storey tower, said that you will also solve the issue of evacuation and security, also took action against Vansh and Vagya for violating the rules Hidayat, display of Asla on the arrival of New Year in Karachi, ban on aerial firing, use of fire crackers, ban today There will be no air traffic in Punjab till January 21,000 Zayed Ahal’s orders will be fulfilled for the security of New Night Mustafi Syed Arif Hasan resigned from the post of President of Pakistan Olympic Association and said that Sadarat is no less than an Ejaz. The election for the new Sadar will be held in October 2024 and across the country, blood-curdling cold Kalam has been recorded in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Hararat Manfi has recorded four record lows, the winds are prevailing in the city and surrounding areas, the mercury is rising above the peak. Record Arat Manfi two degree centigrade record not even giving name.

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