PTI’s Future In Election 2024 | Saleem Safi’s Shocking Statement | PTI BAT Symbol Update

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Image Credit: PTI's Future In Election 2024 | Saleem Safi's Shocking Statement | PTI BAT Symbol Update

What is going to happen with Tehreek Insaf in the elections? Even if the bat mark is found, Salim Safi gave big news. While talking on a program on a private channel, Sahafi Salim Safi said that the position of Tehreek Insaf will be in the upcoming elections in 2018. 

Muslim League Noon’s will be the same, the exact number of bat marks is yet to be decided and one of the big reasons for the documents being fudged is that you do not give the right to become members of the Legislative Assembly to those who choose to run away from the law. If he had been in the field and his documents were in order, we could have said that this is indeed an excess. Salim Safi said that it will be difficult for the people to get permission from the court to contest the elections. If permission is given then it will be a joke with the law. 

It will happen because these are the people who have to go ahead and make laws for the country. If they had faced shame in the courts, then instead of hiding, PTI would have presented itself. Even if PTI gets the mark of a bat, then despite that, PTI should not be fooled by its social media or youth. 

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The part that has come will be converted into vote strength because elect tables are needed to convert the acceptance of a leader into vote strength and at this time Electbuzz has left PTI. Salim Safi said that Fazlur Rehman’s 2013 And 18 elections were tied because Fazlur Rehman along with the MQM Noon League PVS Party was rigged to bring Imran Khan

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