Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake video: Delhi Police register FIR in case after DCW seeks action

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Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake video:

The FIR has been registered under Sections 465 (punishment for forgery) and 469 (forgery for intending to harm the reputation of a party) of the IPC, and Sections 66C (identity theft) of the IT Act, 2000, among others.

The Delhi Police Special Cell took action on Friday by registering a First Information Report (FIR) in connection with a deepfake AI-generated video featuring actor Rashmika Mandanna. The video had gained widespread attention on various social media platforms, depicting Mandanna in a black workout outfit inside an elevator. Originally posted by British-Indian influencer Zara Patel, the video underwent manipulation using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, replacing Zara’s face with Rashmika’s.

The FIR has been filed under Sections 465 (punishment for forgery), 469 (forgery with intent to harm reputation), and Sections 66C (identity theft) of the IT Act, 2000, among others. The Delhi Commission for Women had earlier expressed concern and sought action as the deepfake video went viral. The Commission took suo-moto cognizance, noting the actress’s concerns about her image being illegally morphed in the video.

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As of now, no arrests have been made in the case, prompting the Delhi Commission for Women to request a copy of the FIR and details of the accused by November 17. Deepfake, a digital technique using AI to convincingly replace one person’s likeness with another, has raised serious concerns.

In response to the rising issue, the central government issued an advisory to major social media intermediaries on Wednesday. The advisory emphasized the importance of due diligence and reasonable efforts to identify misinformation and deepfakes. Social media companies, including Facebook, Instagram, and X, were reminded of the consequences if they failed to curb the spread of fake content.

They are required to take prompt action within the timeframes stipulated under the IT Rules 2021 and prevent users from hosting such content. Content reported must be removed within 36 hours.

Rashmika Mandanna herself expressed her distress through an Instagram story, demanding action against the creators of the deepfake video. She highlighted the alarming nature of such incidents, emphasizing the vulnerability of individuals to harm due to the misuse of technology. Mandanna urged the community to address the issue urgently to prevent further instances of identity theft.

Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan was among the first to react, considering the video a strong case for legal action. Other actors like Mrunal Thakur, Naga Chaitanya, and singer Chinmayi Sripada also expressed their support for Mandanna. Zara Patel, on whose body Mandanna’s face was superimposed, condemned the deepfake video, denying any involvement and expressing deep concern for the future safety of women and girls on social media. Patel urged users to fact-check information on the internet, emphasizing that not everything online is real.

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