Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G Price in Pakistan 2023

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Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G Price 2023 Pakistan:

Realme 11 pro one the snazziest looking mid rangers we’re come across in while but beside the fancy design what does this phone have to offer I’m will for GsM  Arena and let’s find out in our realme 11 pro plus review the realme 11 pro is the  11 the realme 10 pro plus which wasn’t officially released in all make one of the major you 11 find here is a 200 megapixel main can with a cutting edge same sensor bat the first thing that catches the eye is the far out design which was made in the collaboration a form  designer for Gucci you get concentric for Gucci you get concentric circular accents on the round camera bump a smooth leather backing and what look like a zipper running down the middle you even get stitching on the leather the runway inspired look is not something you see every day on the front of the realme 11 pro plus is a 6.7 inch OLED with a 1080p resolution and 12ohz refresh rate the picture here sharp and contras and you get support for 10 bit color and HD RLO pro plus video there are plenty of setting to tweak the colors with and you can achieve excellent accuracy this screen is not the brightest we ‘ve tested but it’s plenty bright we of around 470 nits with a bright slider and this can boost up to almost 800 nits sin auto mode when you need it and the 120 hertz refresh rate smooth out movements on screen and the behavior is pretty straight forward dialing down to 60 hertz when to some one  bit of energy for audio the realme 11 pro plus has a pair of stereo with Atoms supports they have good loudness and the sound quality is good too with nice vocals and highs and some bass if you’re like to check out for yourself and compare phone you can use the provided link you can wake up and unlock the realme 11 pro plus with an optional under display fingerprint reader it ‘s quite responsive while storage isn’t expandable to you can get the phone with 256 or 512 gigs on board or even whole terabyte the interface of the phone is realm me latest real MIUL 4:0 which bring a few on top of what you’d see in stock android a realme promise software support us well two generation of Osupdte and three years of security patches if you’d like to learn more about this interface you can check out our dedicated realme us video now it talk about the chipset here you get a mediate To55g which is nearly identical to bath the dimensity 1080 and the dimensity 920 found within the two previous models so as far as  performance goes you get basically a third generation in a row within any real updates besides new supports for the 200 megapixel camera still while is no flagship killer the benchmark bad actually they’re pretty decent for the price range and the day to day experience smooth the realme 11 pro  plus is powered by a  5000 milliamp hour battery and it dose a good job as battery life goes earning an end rating of 112 hours in our proprietary tests and an top of that the phone supports a loo watt super charging and the compact gallium Metroid charger comes in the Box it’s Quite fast able to charge from zero up full in 28 minute and just 15 minute on the charger would  get you up to 63 percent another impressive feature briefly mentioned is the 200 mega pixel main camera  which  is paired with an 8 mage pixel ultra wide and a 2 mage pixel macro can the main can uses Samsung ‘s los cell hp3 sensor that the next Generation after the hp2 inside the Galary  523 ultra but it ‘s a bit smaller physically the camera also features Advanced faster also with a 40 increase in lens speed the main camera pixel to save 12.5 mega pixel photo by and the day they are excellent easily flagship grade there’s plenty or  detail nice contrast no noise and dynamic range which is wide but not over the phone top the color presentation is nice too the main cam supports  time test less zoom and these zoomed photos are great with the level a most as rich the default photo the rest of the proper are identical on top of that  the main cam new sensor is also meant to provide four time loss less zoom for the first time on a smart photos we would exactly call it loss less but it still better than a simple digital crop and upscale of level of detail is okay and while there these is some visible noise it not over there another neat feature when  it come it Zooming the auto zoom can see all to zoom in on any subject you select in the viewfinder with from and if you take mode shots these will be at two time zoom but defult these have good subject rendition and separation and an acceptable level of detail condition the realme 11 pro plus will automatically use the Auto night processing these photo form the main cam are bight and well exposed with wide dynamic range pleasant color and low noise the detail level here isn’t bad tuning the night scape off well will lead to slightly more detailed and sharper photos but they have a more narrow range with blown high lights the main cam can record videos in up to 4k resolution at 30fps these are top notch with a top of detail great looking color and wide dynamic range the fine details and are quite natural looking too we also like videos form the main cam they are bright color full and detailed the dynamic range is wide enough and the noise is pretty low to me one drawback thought is that electronic stabilization dose work in 4k resolution a bit of a bummer to 1080p thought and you get always on stabilization on the main cam which work great now let’s talk about the 8 mage pixel ultra wide cam it photos are pretty impressive for this sort of camera there enough detail good contrast balanced dynamic range and nice looking Viking color the ultra wide photos shot  with the help of the auto night scape great but  help of they  usable the level of  is okay and noise is tolerable 2 mega pixel close ups form the macro can are as expected with mediocre detail visible noise and something color are good thought they taken with the 32 mega pixel front facing cam and with have it the realme 11 pro plus it turned out to be an excellent mid ranger with this unique design nice screen and speaker a flagship grade main camera and fast charging the software support from realme is nice to the have too the most level chipest and the lack of ingress protection and stabilization in 4k wave been nice to have if these thing don’t bother you then the realme 11 pro could be worth checking out new mid ranger which bring an interesting design and some impressive looking camera it see what it  what it all about in our hand on video the rami 11 pro plus is the successor to the realme to pro plus that model wasn’t  officially released in all market so it okay if you have heard about it the design if this phone is pretty far out it was made in collaboration with a former designer you get the con centric circles accentuating the round camera bumps a smooth vegan leather backing and what looks like a zipper ran down the middle even see actual stitching which reinforces the fashion inspired look on the front of the realme 11 pro plus in a nice looking curved display it a 6.7 inch OLRD with a 1080p resolution and support for HDR  video one of the most impressive thing here is the camera setup which include a 200 mega pixel main cam that paired with an 8 mega pixel wide and a 2 mega pixel macro cam the main cam uses some time also cell ph3 senor which is the next the hp1 inside the Galaxy 523 ultra the even if there one a bit smaller physically this new sensor is meant to be able to be able to provide four times loss less zoom for time on smart phone and there a neat auto zoom feature which uses Al to zoom in on any subject you click on the view with proper framing the main cam also feature faster Ois with a 40 increase in reset speed the main cam larger sensor wide open and faster oAs should to some get night time performance beside that the realme 11 pro plus also a loo watt super volt charging and the compact gallium nitride charger come in the Box well as the dimensity920 of the charger come in the support 200 mega pixel camera performance realme 11 pro plus looks really nice over but do you think the chipset could be a breaker let us know let us know. Realme 11 pro plus.

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