Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Lashes out at Caretaker Government

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Image Credit: Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Lashes out at Caretaker Government

Caretaker Government

According to Article 230 of the Election Act, it is the caretaker government. It is only for day-to-day matters. Parliament does not exist and at this time, taking this ordinance, issuing this ordinance is like bypassing the Parliament. 

At present, this is the caretaker government as per the Election Act. According to Article 230, it is only for day to day matters, if it starts making laws and which strategic laws are made within the Act of your State Bank of Pakistan, your financial and economic issues are included in it. If there is a tension inside, then this is a big strategic issue, it is not a day to day matter, at this time Parliament is not present and at this time taking this ordinance is an issue of ordinance, is it to bypass the Parliament, is it to bypass the Constitution or Pakistan. 

They have to bypass the public and the people of India and this cannot be allowed. This is overstepping their mandate. The caretaker government does not have the power to legislate and the caretaker government does not have the power to legislate. 

Under the pressure of the IMF and under the pressure of the World Bank, they should make such laws which will keep the people and their representatives unaware, hence it should not be taken under any circumstances.

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