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SEO Last Month January 2024 | Latest Updates From Google Search, Google Ads | Viksolve

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Hello everyone, I’m Vikram from and this is the first episode of SEO Last Month. This is the first episode of this new year 2024. On behalf of SEO Last Month, I wish you all a Happy New Year. I pray that this year your rank stays high, your spam score stays low, your AI content stays in control, and your income stays out of control. These are the first three things that I can help you with. 

The fourth thing is that a lot of innocent people have taken a loan from YouTube. If you want, you can avoid them and increase your income. You won’t be able to increase your income by following them. Or you can decrease your income by reading them. I got to know this because I got an idea from YouTube analytics that which type of articles you are reading more. So, the more you stay away from innocent people, the more benefit you will get. Anyways, those who have seen this article for the first time, let me tell you that SEO Last Month is our monthly article series. In which we give you SEO news, views, and updates for a month in 10 to 12 minutes. Views are mine, news is from other platforms. You will get the official link to every news in this article. All the lists are there, go and read them in more detail. Before starting the article, there is a reminder for WhatsApp group members about what you have to do. 

You have to share the article, you have to share the screenshot etc. in the group. I will move the article forward. The first news of December month is from Reddit. Shocked? It is an ad-related update. There is no SEO on Reddit. On 1st December, Reddit refreshed carousel ads. Now these ads will come under conversion placement. And in one ad, you can use up to 6 images or GIFs. It looks something like this. Reddit’s data tells them that it gets the most conversions. Reddit believes that in this redesigned look, CTR is 44% more than the old look. 

Image Credit: And in one ad, you can use up to 6 images or GIFs. It looks something like this. Reddit’s data tells them that it gets the most conversions.

Congratulations! On 4th December, Google launched Schema Data for Vacation Rental Properties. It will look something like this. Vacation Rental means Airbnb type of properties. If you use the Vacation Rental type of Schema Data, you can test it on the Rich Result Testing Tool. Also, you will see the Vacation Rental report in Google Search Console. But only those websites will show that you are using this type of Schema Data. Obviously. But just in case, someone is getting confused about the new SEO

I will tell you that if you don’t use this type of Schema Data, you won’t see this report on Google Search Console. On 4th December, there is a second update from Google. But it is related to article indexing. Google has started strictly implementing the requirement of the article Rich Result. And if there is no main content of an article page, Google will not show it in Rich Result. In this type of case, you will see the article is not the main content of the page issue in your Search Console. But the good thing is that we have already covered this in an article. In detail, the article is separated. 

An article was made for an article and the problem of the article was solved. reading the article, following it, and indexing the article. article in the article. article for the article. Sorry. You will get the link to the article in the description of this article. Again article. Sorry. On 4th December, Google shut down the Mobile Usability Report, Mobile Friendly Testing Tool, and Mobile Friendly Testing API. Google announced this in April 2023. The date of 1st December was announced to shut down these three. But this announcement was also made by Google on 4th December. I guess someone forgot to remove the plug. But anyway, the Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool was very useful. 

We all have used it. It has improved our websites. I used to use it extra. If I wanted to know how Google is viewing a website, I used to use a Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. I could see the rendered version. Anyway, goodbye Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. On 4th November, Twitter launched an AI chatbot named Grok. This is the only chatbot that is on a paid model. Not only on a paid model, it is. 

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To use Grok, you have to buy an XTwitter Premium Plus subscription. We didn’t buy it. If you buy it, tell us. Give us a screenshot. We will put it in the next news article. On 5th December, Microsoft Bing launched a function called Deep Search. This feature is being given to very few Bing users for testing. Randomly. There is no sign-up wait list scene. Deep Search is a mixture of Microsoft Bing and GPT-4. In this, you search for a topic. And then press the Deep Search button. For 30 seconds, Bing uses the intelligence of GPT-4 to show search results. According to Microsoft, this is amazing. But we don’t have access to it. So we can’t confidently tell you whether it is amazing or not. 

If you have access to this feature, Deep Search, then use it. And tell us in the comment section so that we can show it in the next article. On 5th December, Google Analytics announced that from now on, the function of creating and using GA Audience will be available only in Google Ads. There will be no need to go to Analytics. This will be done by the audience manager of Google Ads. On 6th December, Google launched its Gemini AI model. This is an AI model with excellent animation and a CEO blog post. I’m not taunting. It will be clear in a while. Why am I saying this? Wait a little. Wait. So Google’s Gemini model will come in three versions. Gemini Ultra is the full version, which can do very complex tasks. Gemini Pro, which will handle daily tasks. And Gemini Nano, which can work on mobile phones or small devices. Now, Google is happy. However, the benchmark that Google has presented for Gemini is not as good as OpenAI’s GPT-4. And if GPT-5 comes in the first quarter, then Gemini will be left behind again. 

Image Credit: On 6th December, Google launched its Gemini AI model.

Google’s BART is using the Gemini Pro model now. And everyone knows what its response is. I mean, people use Bing and Bing chat. But no one wants to see BART. Although I have tested it many times. And BART may be defamed for not responding to things or apologizing. However, the hallucination, which is the problem of AI lying, is less with BART in comparison to GPT. But in today’s world, where it is considered good to lie but to speak more, Google will not accept BART, which speaks the truth. 

By the way, this reminds me that a lot of well-wishers had messaged, and emailed, us that we should make an article on Gemini. The article on Gemini is still hot. But we don’t make articles on hot things. We make articles on boring things. I know that I will write an article on Gemini. You will read the article. But you will not get any benefit from it. You will not use BART. I will give you some random figures about Gemini, which Google itself told in its blog post. 

You will not understand it. It is of no use to you. There are not many programmers in our audience. There are no AI programmers. There are no AI scientists. So why should I make an article and waste your time on Gemini? That’s why I didn’t make it. I will find out the useful things here. If you are using BART a lot now, then tell me. If you are not using BART, then forget Gemini for now. On December 6, Google shut down the product result search appearance in the search console. 

In March 2023, Google started reporting on e-commerce websites in two parts. Merchant listing and product result. There was a very small difference between the two. That’s why Google has announced to shut down one of these two reports. Last year, Google made a lot of changes and announcements related to product results and merchant listings. First, reports started coming based on schema data. 

Then products started showing based on schema data. Then products started showing without schema data. And so on. Product, product, product. It’s good that Google is now going to simplify this a bit. It is paying attention to this. The third update of December 6 is Google Analytics. In Google Analytics, data retention is by default of 2 months. You can increase it to 14 months. But if you have set your data retention setting to 14 months. And your Google Analytics property is big. In the last 31 days, there are more than 25 billion events. So by reducing this 14-month setting, Google will automatically make it 2 months. 2 months, 14 months, 31 days, 25 billion. Lots of random numbers are being thrown at you. 

I hope you dodge them well. Well, it’s a simple exercise to save data storage costs. It costs a lot to store data for 25 billion events. What will Google give for free? You get Gmail. That’s a big deal. By the way, if this happens to you, what will you do? You can save your data on your server. You can start storing data in BigQuery. And if you want to know how Google Analytics data is saved in BigQuery. Then tell us in the comment section. We will do this article too. I will not do the Gemini article. I will do this one. 

This can be useful to you. Gemini will not be useful to you right now. On December 12, Google announced new formats in YouTube’s article reach campaigns. Now your article reach campaigns can be seen in the place of in-feed ads. And it can also be seen in the place of short ads. It can be seen in the place of short ads. In short, the ad will look bad. Your short ad will be visible. As the name makes it clear. article reach campaigns give maximum reach to your articles. You can use such campaigns for branding, awareness, festive greeting, launch, etc. On December 15, YouTube gave creators. YouTubers. It’s a bad word. I don’t like it. 

A new function has been given to YouTube creators. In which they can give a maximum of 5 free memberships to people in a month on live stream or during the premiere. This is the YouTube join button. Membership is called to go inside it. There are some members of ours for whom I am not able to do anything. I think of a live session every month. But it does not happen. Sometimes people have asked that they should join membership. And I always reject them. And the current membership I do not pay attention to closing it. I feel like if I close it, people will say, why were you giving money till now? And if I don’t do it, they are still giving it. But what should I do? Should I just close it down? Tell me in the comment section. Okay, those who are members, tell me in the comment section. Let’s close it. By the way, those who are already members, I see a lot of names who have been members for a long time. So thank you to all of them. You are supporting the channel. 

You are supporting it more than the Tommel subscribers. So thank you. The second news of 15th December is from Google My Business. Google’s Danny Sullivan said that there is a ranking signal called Openness in Google My Business. Which can reduce the rank of any listing for that time. It can disappear when the business is closed. According to Google, this ranking signal was there before as well. But its effect was very less. And we are blind. We don’t even know that it used to affect us. 

We have already covered this topic in a dedicated article. You should read that article. You will get benefits. On 18th December, Google announced that from now on, GA4 can be connected with Google AdSense. With this, the data of your revenue and the data of website visits in Analytics, by analyzing both of them, you can better understand the traffic and revenue of your website. And Google Analytics can also give you better insights with the help of machine learning. You can see the exploration reports of Google Analytics. You can use other reports. And you can make sense of the data of Google AdSense. You can increase your revenue. You can use traffic better. So these were the news that we caught in December. 

There is less news because December is the month of New Year. It is the month of Christmas. And there is a holiday in the US. They won’t have a holiday on Diwali. They won’t have a holiday on Eid. They had a holiday on Christmas. They got so much news. Last week, everything was off. So the month of January will come after December. Which is going on now. When you are reading the article. Till then, this article will come to you. We will cover all the news of January in the article of February. Till then, the members or the normal audience of you should also share this article. So that your likes reach the rest of the people. Thank you so much for reading this article. My name is Abhay Vikram for And we will see you next time. Take care.

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