Travis Kelce’s Grand Birthday Gift Fuels Speculation Among Taylor Swift Fans

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credit Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce was absent from Taylor Swift’s big 34th birthday party on Dec. 13 but that doesn’t necessarily mean his presence wasn’t felt.

The pop star was spotted flaunting new jewelery at her party.

In a pair of photos from Taylor Swift’s night out in the box with her famous pal, the pop star can be seen showing off a huge ring to Miles Taylor and his wife, Kayleigh Sperry, and fans have reason to believe that It was a gift from her.NFL boyfriend.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City – December 14, 2023

Taylor Swift, Keleigh Sperry, and Miles Teller leaving The Box in NYC.

James Devaney

The intriguing statement piece, which can also be seen in Taylor Swift’s silver manicure on her Instagram carousel, is a large white stone set in a blue jeweled ring. It went perfectly with her glittery Cleo Papiette minidress with crescent moon and star detailing, which she paired with black platform pumps and a sparkling silver bag from Aquazzura. The entire format was very. Midnight – Coded

Enthusiasts have a persuasive view of statement jewelry.

Fans think Travis Kelce bought Taylor Swift a ring — no, not the kind of ring — and they suspect the thoughtful piece of jewelry has a special meaning.

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Of course, there’s a reason the Taylor Swifties think the bling comes from Kelce (recently agitated with tabloid rumors that the Chiefs player is preparing to buy a different kind of ring — please listen to “Lavender Haze” again, you all). As pointed out by TikTok user @lesleeey13. In a video, the ring looks very similar to it. Shared on Instagram. By J Feder Jewelers in August. You know who follows J Feder Jewelers on Instagram? Travis Kelce.

If Kelis really did buy this ring for Taylor Swift, it looks like her fans approve. “It’s literally an Easter egg!” I say yes,” one fan commented on the TikTok post.

Others suggested that the ring may have been composed of opal and blue topaz, representing the birthstones of Cales and Taylor Swift. “She has an October birthday so opal makes sense,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “She has her opal birthstone surrounded by “

Taylor Swift
Credit Taylor Swift

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“That, to me, is gift-giving. It’s giving, ‘Look what he got me,”’ he said. “It’s giving, ‘Look how beautiful this custom piece is.'”

Despite Taylor Swifties’ impressive sleuthing skills, there may be reason to doubt this fan theory. Based on the post’s caption, the rainbow ring appears to be from Sutra Jewels, a jewelry brand Taylor Swift has reportedly worn in the past but is not currently following Kelce. Of course, that doesn’t mean he didn’t order. Either way, this piece is definitely a conversation starter.


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