‘Technology surprise’: Are China, Russia ahead of us in UFO retrieval, research?

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‘Technology surprise’: Are China, Russia ahead of us in UFO Retrieval, research?

In the past week, a former senior scientist from the Defense Intelligence Agency has become the tenth former government official, military officer, or scientist to publicly allege or suggest that the U.S. government has come into possession of at least one unidentified flying object (UFO).

The majority of these individuals also claim that the government has handed over these recovered UFOs to defense contractors for in-depth technical and scientific analysis.

Investigative Journalist Michael Shellenberger

Furthermore, investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger, in conversations with his sources, alleges that defense contractors are actively studying a dozen or more retrieved UFOs. All of Shellenberger’s sources emphasize that the excessive secrecy surrounding these objects is impeding a comprehensive understanding of their enigmatic technology.

U.S. Government

What’s more, an expanded network of sources has informed Shellenberger that at least 30 whistleblowers, with intimate knowledge of these alleged UFO retrieval and analysis efforts, have provided testimonies to Congress, the congressionally-mandated UFO analysis office of the U.S. government, and oversight organizations responsible for monitoring the U.S. Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Significantly, the inspector general for the intelligence community has deemed the core allegations of the lead UFO whistleblower as “credible and urgent.” Moreover, this whistleblower, David Grusch, a former intelligence official and U.S. Air Force veteran, is represented by the intelligence community’s first inspector general. This high-profile attorney, who is now in private practice, sat prominently behind Grusch during a remarkable congressional hearing on July 26.

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

As Rep. Mike Gallagher, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, recently noted, new protections enacted by Congress have encouraged “UFO whistleblowers” to come forward, sharing their involvement in various UFO programs and leading to intense conversations with congressional investigators.

According to Senate Intelligence Vice Chair Marco Rubio, we are now faced with one of two astonishing possibilities: either numerous credible individuals are gradually revealing “the biggest story in human history,” or a significant group of high-level government officials, holding top security clearances, is “crazy.” Rubio rhetorically questioned why individuals with such qualifications would come forward to fabricate stories.

Considering the severe penalties for making false statements to investigative agencies, it seems unlikely that these individuals, some of whom claim direct and firsthand knowledge of UFO retrieval and reverse engineering efforts, are participating in a disinformation campaign.

So, are these high-level government officials experiencing delusions and making false claims about firsthand UFO knowledge? Such a scenario of social contagion would be deeply concerning and extraordinary. Furthermore, if dozens of senior officials are indeed “crazy,” they have somehow convinced key members of Congress to take their extraordinary allegations seriously.

In July, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with a bipartisan group of five other senators, introduced groundbreaking legislation related to UFOs. This legislation gains particular significance as reports suggest that China and Russia may have also retrieved UFOs, posing an increasing potential for technology surprises from foreign adversaries.

While the specifics of foreign UFO retrieval and reverse engineering efforts remain unclear, Grusch has described a hidden Cold War involving the recovery and exploitation of physical material from UFOs. This has been a competition with near-peer adversaries over the years, focusing on identifying UFO crashes or landings and retrieving the material for asymmetric national defense advantages.

Retired U.S. Army colonel Karl Nell, who served alongside Grusch in early UFO analysis efforts, corroborates Grusch’s assertion, highlighting the existence of a terrestrial arms race focused on reverse engineering technologies of unknown origin over the past 80 years.

These allegations, along with independent investigative reporting, raise numerous national security questions and issues, and it is evident that Congress is paying close attention. The legislation introduced by Schumer defines “non-human intelligence” in relation to UFOs and biological evidence, emphasizing the need to consider sentient non-human lifeforms regardless of their nature or origin.

Crucially, the legislation aligns with whistleblower claims, defining “legacy” UFO programs in the same manner as described by whistleblowers. The bill, if passed in its current form, would mandate the turnover of any recovered UFOs and biological evidence associated with non-human intelligence, controlled by private individuals or entities, to the U.S. government in the public interest.

Another section of the legislation, sponsored by Senators Gillibrand and Rubio, provides insights into the programs mentioned by whistleblowers. It not only halts any unreported UFO recovery and reverse-engineering efforts but also details the procedures for retrieval, scientific analysis, security, counterintelligence, and reverse engineering of UFOs.

Of particular interest, the legislation hints at the existence of highly advanced propulsion technologies derived from recovered UFOs, which are not based on traditional chemical propellants, solar power, or electric ion thrust.

Notably, following a classified briefing from the Department of Defense inspector general on UFOs, Rep. Eric Burlison suggested that something significant has been discovered, possibly an advanced form of propulsion or technology that could revolutionize our lives.

If such technology does exist, it could pose new risks or address various global challenges. Yet, the extreme secrecy surrounding the recovered UFOs, as outlined in the Gillibrand-Rubio legislation, creates technology and security silos that may jeopardize the nation’s lead in critical advanced technologies.

Marik von Rennenkampff, who served in the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Defense, offers valuable insights into these allegations and the legislative developments related to UFOs.

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