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And this year it’s different. Tecno never fails to impress with its flagship camera smartphone, the new Tecno Common 20 Pro looks sleek, and futuristic and delivers some great photos and videos too. There’s also a phone I’ve touched that’s designed to keep costs down.

 31,000 and as always Tecno is generous with its accessories the phone comes with a translucent hard phone case, 33W?? charger, USB cable, the best use you get for some better bass. It is better to do. SIM cards and an SD card are located on the left side. The front is 6.67 inches/169. 4mm full HD+ AMOLED display and perfect for consuming video content in the form of YouTube, Netflix and others. It can easily display animations with zero lag thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate.

70 It is recommended to use auto switch refresh rate to prolong battery life as not all apps can use 120Hz capabilities. Having an Amul display means that there is no display feature always available on this phone. There are many settings to use. I love this black hole design. Although I would prefer always on features to be always on or tap the screen to activate it.

 The Camera 20 Pro is powered by a MediaTek He G99 core processor with a Mel-G57 mc2 GPU. The official RAM is 8GB which can be expanded up to 16GB with RAM expansion. Of course it will use up the 256GB of internal storage on the 20 Pro very generously since it needs to keep multiple apps running in the background for fast switching between apps. The regular 10 Pro uses Hios version 13.0 which is based on Android 13.

 With the recent software update, it now has the April 2023 security patch Helio G99 supports 4G networks so if you want to use and experience 5G, the Tecno Camon 20 Pro 5G is the phone for you. It’s similar to the Camon 20 Pro but uses a 5G-capable Dimensity 8050 processor. Apart from 5G they also throw in a 2mp mar camera.

 Let’s now take a look at the camera performance on Cam20 Pro. The main lens is a 54mp RGB les followed by a 2mp depth I already have a quad ring flash. It’s not in the 32MP display lens with dual-LED flash: the rear camera equates to very colorful photos even without selecting the 64MP option.

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There is a bit of color but overall the photos are good with the 64mp option. The image sizes are large and you can zoom in a lot and get great ones, I suggest you choose the 64mp option. The camera also takes pretty good selfies, but portraits are common here, and the maximum quality for video recording is 14440p or 2k at 30 fps.

Other quality is 1080p at 30 and fps on both the front and rear cameras but only the rear camera can be at 60 frames per second. Video quality is also good and it’s a phone you can ditch the creative for. Even without color correction the footage is very good with maximum quality capped at 1080p at 30tps As said earlier this is a phone you can rely on as a content creation tool. can. And the results look amazing on this fool. Footage is not only limited to the rear camera without stabilization and with stabilization on and off.

 Here’s a sample of the front camera with stabilization on. I’m in low light it’s better to use super night features. For example, here’s a normal phone and one taken using Super Night. This phone can capture details that the naked eye can’t see in low-light videos with the naked eye. Using both and rear cameras at some point. There are different modes to choose from and this is the best feature for it.

The 5000m Ah battery is quite a bargain and can last up to 2 days with some social media scrolling, occasional gaming and watching movies. 33 watt??How long does a flash charger take to charge a battery? Well, with a flat battery I got 37% in 20 minutes. and full battery capacity in over and hours.

 I am talking about full battery capacity in one hour I expected full battery capacity in one hour I have full experience of battery charging in end cards as well as video description. But the bottom line is that you can get a video of the stuff making battery juice in just a few minutes. In the end, the Tecno Camon 20 Pro is a powerful smartphone. The beautiful polygon stands out in the crowd and the battery capacity is just right. They didn’t leave out the accessories, it has a very important headphone jack. This was my review of the Techno Camon 20 Pro.

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