The Supreme Court has said a big thing about Imran Khan

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Image Credit: What will happen to Imran Khan (PTI) now?

What will happen to Imran Khan (PTI) now?

Shock to other parties: The Supreme Court said a big thing regarding Imran Khan. Sahafi Irshad Bhatti gave inside news. While talking on the program of a private news channel, senior Sahafi Irshad Bhatti said that other parties are sad that a Supreme Court Called Imran Khan Sadiq and Amin and today one called him innocent. 

If the social media factor of these parties is not good then hire them, they will take salary as per their wish, they will eat food as per their time. Irshad Bhatti said that he has created mainstream social media. 

We have talked about the media, not about PTI’s social media. The Election Commission of the Supreme Court could have replied to these parties as to why they are making us write a letter to the IG. 

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How many candidates are you calling the Election Commission in the Supreme Court? Irshad Bhatti, while standing and sitting, took the Election Commission to task and said that apart from PTI, the papers of candidates of any other Jamaat were not taken away, their fees were also deposited. 

Senior Sahafi, while questioning, said which Tihari criminal is he? Have the papers of the nominees been submitted or approved? Tell us about those other than Zartaj Gul. If one or two have been accepted then they will also go to Scutari.

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