PTI Leader Seemabia Tahir Important Talking Regarding PTI Symbol Bat

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Image Credit: PTI Leader Seemabia Tahir Important Talking Regarding PTI Symbol Bat

PTI Leader Seemabia Tahir

Bismillah Rahman Rahim Assalam Walakeum, very fast, despite the coercion and barbarity, Mashallah Mashallah, the way the people of (PTI) Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf have submitted their nomination papers, all of them are in trouble, despite the presence of police inside and outside the office of every accused. 

There is immense hatred towards all kinds of police personnel and there are some people who do not even know who they are and those who are in civil dresses are snatching papers from people. 

An incident happened yesterday in Lahore with Imtiaz Saheb, whatever happened to his wife, that means it is the limit of intentions, but despite all these things, Alhamdulillah Sum Alhamdulillah, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has cleared its papers in every light. 

Those who are there have been deposited and Insha Allah Taala we are fully confident that Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf will win and victory is its destiny because the hard work done by Imran Khan for 27 years will not go to waste and Inshallah on 8th February we will not let that hard work go to waste. 

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We have to ensure the victory of Imran Khan and Pakistan by stamping and stamping. Inshallah, once again Imran Khan Saheb will become Wazir Azam Pakistan and take over his chair again. The poor condition of Pakistan and the power that has been used in Pakistan will be destroyed.
 Whoever will save Pakistan, Inshallah Pakistan Zindabad Imran Khan Pa Inda, who will save Pakistan only and only by the order of Allah Insha Allah Tala Imran Khan Imran Khan Imran Khan.

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