Why were the nomination papers of Haleem Adil Sheikh rejected?

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Image Credit: Why were the nomination papers of Haleem Adil Sheikh rejected?

Speech: Authorized Representative Of Haleem Adil Shaikh Sahab

Shaitan Razi Bismillah Ra Rahman Rahim, I am the authorized representative of Haleem Adil Shaikh Sahab and just now we had come here for scrutiny of nomination papers, so the interesting thing is that RO Sahab himself does not know why he has rejected the papers. 

He also agreed to the thing and filled it. He was in a helpless situation and was in a position of power and the point is that there were three objections which were written in the same way, even the name was not written. 


Someone had written and sent the applications. which had their signatures on it and in the summary manner, on this point, those nomination papers were rejected. KG Pakistan Ways of Justice is not a listed political party, however, other candidates of Pakistan Ways of Justice are theirs. 

If the documents are there, they have been accepted, so this is a very strange discrimination, but it seems that the policy is that Haleem Adil Shaikh Sahab should not be allowed to be elected from Karachi on the basis of his bat because everyone knows that If the elections are held, then only he will be elected and the interesting thing is that at first RO Saheb was not writing the decision in front of us, then we brought him to section 113, especially sub-section 2, that this has to be done in our presence, so finally he told us. 

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Still did not give the reason but just signed on the nomination form and till now we do not know the reason, we only know that this happened because of the objections because no other objection was raised on his nomination paper, no objective, strange. 

There were no objections, no objectors were present, no one verified the objections, however, the nomination papers, which were there, were rejected. We have not even been given a copy of the reason yet, which should have been given to us. 

Now, inshallah, we are going to the Narel High Court of Sindh. Where the elite tribal is formed and as per the law it is very clear that Haleem Adil Shaikh Saheb Inshallah will contest the election from N 238 on the MNL symbol of Karachi from MNNIT.

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