World’s Biggest Smartphone Camera! *Nubia Z60 Ultra*

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World’s Biggest Smartphone Camera!

Inside it is the world’s largest camera smartphone. The camera sensor of this phone is the world’s largest. We have written Z60 brother. The box is looking like this. Inside it, there is a pencil for painting. Now the real-time entry has come brother. I have made it in a different style brother. Man, what have you made, brother, I have never seen such a phone in my life, oh brother, look at this, aha ha, what have you done, let’s keep it aside for a second, brother, the eyes have become a little more sharp, brother, this is right, this fan is for fans. 

Unique Packaging and Contents: A Closer Look Inside

That’s right but look here it’s written Vincent One Go Be Aware of the Stars and Something I don’t like the stars, they also gave me another cover with the same one, look at this, four of my fingers are coming inside one hole in one cover and I don’t have one. I don’t understand anything else, this round Max safe is given inside it, but there is no wireless charging inside it, so what does it do? This is an empty SIM ejector tool gear, this is a piece of cardboard, I don’t understand, brother, books are given. 

Unconventional Features: Dual Chargers, Painting Themes, and More

There is a charger, oh brother, two chargers have been given, brother, this looks a bit strange, two chargers have been given inside it and two cables have been given, but the phone is only one, brother, look at the painting on the painting here, there is a little texture on the painting as well. This charger is for when you want to show off a bit and this charger is for actually using it, but in this, the pin opens like this, there are two types C and type A but type A is not provided with any cable. Look, it has two chargers. Brother, either its battery is bad or the charger was given for free. Paintings have been given everywhere inside the charger, inside the cover, inside the phone, and inside the box. 

World's Biggest Smartphone Camera
Credits Tech Burner DUAL CHARGER

This is Vincent Ji, who is Bajan Bhai’s friend, he welcomed me once. After seeing it, everyone started talking, Brother, this is a very strange cover, look at the side, it is empty, look at the side, it is not covering it at all, it is covering it from edge to edge, you notice one thing, brother, here is the sun wale. 

Camera Specifications: The Highlight of the Z60 Ultra

There is a cut out in the area and here there is red inside, it looks quite different as if their camera is the sun, this is Aiya’s new z60 ultra brother, what is this made of, I have never seen a smartphone like this, there are waves here. It is like a painting, waves are coming above, and the camera is placed in the L shape, upside down. 

This is a 1-inch camera sensor, which comes inside the camera. If you look at the camera, you will feel that the butt will have a very different texture. This whole design is very plain, clean, and smooth. It was created by the world’s very famous artist Vincent Van G. Basically, he not only had to bring out the art within himself, he had to bring out that art should come out from the camera also, art should come out from the back side also. 

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This is a special phone, this was an artist who had created stars and stars Nabia also thought that we too have to go among the stars, oh I went wrong, I mean I was holding the phone on the right side like the click button of a camera. Similarly, there is a red power button, texture has been applied on it and you will feel that there is an alert slider here, but no, these are different things, brother, look at this, the camera never takes a photo, but for me, this is a bit strange. I thought that the person who opens the camera would open it from the side or will open it from here by holding it like this or else usually you will also notice that these are the phones which are like bricks, these are usually gaming phones but this one has a camera, brother, this means like this. 

If you kill someone by throwing it, then detailing has been done on small things, like here you will slide, here a small red dot is visible, close to it, open the end and quickly take a photo, just like that. This is a very strange phone but I have been asking people if they like strange phones, that plain phone brother, plain phone brother, I will take a strange phone, this is plain it is more strange, I feel like choosing it. But not daily, I will go for this one or a plain phone, this alert timer, you can customize it, to set a vibrating ring or to open the camera, to open the torch, to turn on the game mode, all these things are customized. If it is done then it seemed right to me and one more thing I liked right is that its display means it is so edge to edge that the dot of the camera is not there here, brother, you are feeling that the camera has disappeared. But no, the display camera is placed here, now my problem is that brother, it is hidden inside the display, so it is good that the display is completely visible to you, the camera is not visible at all, but this is a camera phone, it is not a display phone, this is the problem. 

The reason is that the photo is blurry, maybe they have done something different, but I am feeling confused, as I take a front selfie and show it to you, oh look at this, you will feel that this is something wrong, correct it after taking the photo. Yes, you did it right but not even that much right, it means the detail is not much, and it looks very washed out, I am also worried, you can compare its selfie with any Rs 15000 smartphone, with a battery of Rs 15000 will come but it is not visible. 

This is the advantage of having a camera, it takes a photo, but it sharpens it in the soft part and it turns out to be strange. Here you have very professional lights, big on this side, big butt on that side too. There will be light when the lights go down, and then the real truth will be revealed. Look, the camera is good in terms of display camera, but if you compare it with a normal camera, then it is not even close. 6.8 inch 120 Hz AMOLED display is also available for reading movies. Look, nothing came in between, there is no camera, it has been displayed, that is, in a normal phone, if you call a friend, then the automatic call of such friend is made, it is black, it is not there, you are reading an article, playing a game. 

Performance and Gaming: Venturing into the Gaming Realm

If you are there at that time, brother, there is a good difference in feeling. Due to this, the problem with bus square is that if you hold it in your hand like this, then your mark will appear. Talk about the display. Colorless contrast is fine, but brother, the speaker is being tested. My saliva is good, brother, the speaker has touched the kidneys, the sound has touched my heart, brother, its price seems to be the same, let me give you an idea, its price is around Rs 60,000, so according to that, the speaker is fine, there were some compromises, the bass is a little less, but Both up and down, up and down, look at this, it is giving infrared audio, turn off uncle’s TV, brother, life is all about gaming, I cannot progress without gaming, Venky has said so, so a smartphone with such a camera. But it makes phones for gamers, so in game mode, everything has been put inside it, we will test it with BGA because, in the test, the best BGA and Everest Bhai Jog were not mine, all these are of Vanky Bhai, brother, the game looks so different. 

World's Biggest Smartphone Camera
Credits Tech Burner, PUBG TEST

It is like this, I am holding it with both hands, and this rectangle is being entered in the hand, but actually, the sound is getting bigger, and of course, it is like a square, it is a completely flat display, so I am enjoying playing the game and I had not thought. Their game mode is very rough type, a lot of feature reachers have been added, only one thing is there in the gaming phone, there is no camera in the camera, there is a bump pump, otherwise the grip is comfortable and good, it has a bump pump, your finger will get stuck, one finger will get stuck here. 

Camera Performance: A Deep Dive into Photography Capabilities

A finger will be stuck here, it will be different but brother, finally he has compared the camera with the i itself. Will make butter by taking out the milk, milk, curd, curd, and cream. Let’s go. If I tell you the setup of the camera, then the primary camera is 50 megapixels. There is a periscope lens of 64 megapixels, one at the end of 85 megapixels, and a setup of three cameras of 50 megapixels. All three are very expert. Brother, all three had to be photographed. One or two more things must have been visible here. All this is written on Triple O. Vision is not written, this is an outside company which makes very strong cameras, it has done a collab lab with it, it has given the first red circle camera in it, it has a 1-inch sensor, which means 1 by 1.3 inches. 

World's Biggest Smartphone Camera
Credits Tech Burner CAMERA LENS

There is a sensor and usually the sensors that come are so big, they are very big camera sensors, that is, they start coming out from outside, brother, almost half of the phone is the camera, the flash is also three, you will ask inside the iPhone 7 and in both the sides. Which one is better? Of course, iPhones are taken like this one. There are photos of Aarf Bhai in this also there are more details on Aarf Bhai’s face. There is a difference in iPhones, it is more, speaking is much simpler and it has made a lot of work easier. If I tell you If I want to tell you the difference, brother, they also check it. We gave many different types of photos in night mode but it was not able to compete with any of them. Look at it. It has one advantage, it has a telephoto sensor. It has very strong quality. It has a very long zoom camera sensor, with this you can take a photo of the moon and in this, you will notice the same difference in the beard also. 

We took some more portraits, the depth of field is quite natural and It is of DSLR level and takes very sharp photos and has better details than the primary camera, but in outdoor lighting, sometimes it will not be able to tell small things with edge detection. This is a portrait photo, it looked all-natural to them You can also take very next-level photos with DSLR. One thing that I found very next level in this is its edge diction. We took the photo multiple times. Every time the edges were very crisp and clear, you would not be able to tell the difference Is it a normal photo or a portrait photo? Look, let me tell you, it is not that Brother is easily beating the iPhone’s, but Brother, in many cases, this edge reduction makes it very strong, the colors are less, and it makes it quite natural. And you can change the aperture in different lens cases. In the case of I, it will give you better photos but in some cases, it also gives very bad photos, like in this photo, if you zoom in, the brother’s headphones have disappeared. Well, there is a mode in it in super slow motion in which I had taken the article of R Bhai, see Brother, it will be a little jerky in Krish Four Krish Four but it slows down a lot, it slows down to 1920 fps, that means you can say 100. Times more slowly means of course it is very laggy but it seems cool and one or two things are quite different. You are wondering why all three cameras are far apart on this phone? 

They place all three close together because they have all three cameras. All three can move inside, so your brother, when you make an article, it will remain stable, whether you make an article from a distance, make an article from nearby, make an article from any length and these three articles are for me, the stabilization of the primary one looks the best brother, see now brother final. 

The time has come, these are the photos of me and those of Nabia. Ask your friends which one they like more. The one with B. Well, I am in both of them but A is the friend of Venky, so both are looking good. B Well, a cinema article has also been put inside it, we compared it with I to try and that too was looking quite different, it was looking lovely, the competition was solid, but you know the best feature inside Bhai. 

What is road impression mode, and what is it in it? So imagine that you are taking a photo, it is fine, you have clicked the key of the camera which has become our showpiece, but imagine that you are normally walking in the house, then you are doing this. Normal let’s go but as soon as you go out of the house on the street [Music] What is the time is the MC Burner Lil B Burner and Street Mode It does not have film filters like the old time cameras came of that type There is a difference of filters, I didn’t find it to be much different, the price of this smartphone is Rs. 00. Brother, let me tell you, it is absolutely neat, in this price point, even without experimenting, it means that many phones capture good photos even without installing such fancy things. 

They came close, they were making big claims, Brother beat this one, beat that one, but gave a decent photo and the company itself is feeling a little confused that it has given a big camera sensor in the back side and It seems that brother is a camera phone but why did you give this display in the front brother camera because there is a compromise in the front, the camera inside definitely takes good photos in some cases but overall it is a very strange and quite interesting smartphone, try it. It was a lot of fun to do, but we could not live up to our promises. But we will work hard for our promises and we will meet in the next article. Bye-bye, this is the kitchen sink inside. You said something like this. There was no kitchen sink, no key chain. How can there be a good kitchen sink?

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