World’s Fastest Gaming Smartphone! | ROG Phone 8 Pro | Viksolve News

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World's Fastest Gaming Smartphone! | ROG Phone 8 Pro | Viksolve News

ROG Phone 8 Pro

Inside this is America’s new gaming beast, who said, Brother, RO smartphones come with very complex features. In the gaming segment, we have tried all the series and every time something different comes out, sometimes the lights are on, sometimes the fan is on. It is burning sometimes brother, coolers are coming separately, brother, the box is quite different, it feels like a complete box, here I am paying for two, I dare, I don’t know what is daring, brother, see how it is opening down here. 

Oh brother, different things are coming out, what is this, what is this that has come out, oh brother, these are the pills that have come out, the person who eats it was joking, it is not supposed to be eaten, this is our charger that is coming out, the eye on which is dead is hitting the other eye, oh 65 Watt charger, oh brother, have you given this one more, oh brother, what have you done with the cooler, oh brother, this too has been unboxed, a very soft rubber eye plate has been given here, brother, it is cool, there is no need of cold in this season, brother, the condition is tight. 

The whole thing is given in a black finish and here it may be light white on the back side, here also a button has been given on the back side of the trigger, it has to be pressed in such a way that it clicks, knocks, knocks, and brother, it has a very different shape and here. At the bottom, there is a Type C port and a headphone jack port as well. Brother, both things are looking very cool. 

Let’s look at this brother. Let’s look at other things and what all comes out. There is a wire here. Our brother is quite thick bread. Okay. Is there anything on it? O what is this? Hey brother, this is more like a sword than a SIM ejector tool. Brother, holding it like this looks like a dagger. Brother, look at this, a case has been given to me. 

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It is sleeveless, backless but there is a little bit left on the side. Okay brother, look, expensive phones have to be made, cost cutting has to be done and brother, finally oh what have you done brother, you have completely changed it, you have been unboxing the phones for years but this year’s phone brother is completely different, you will say. 

What is the light in it? There is light in it, brother, it is hidden on the inner side, brother, this phone is completely made in a matte black finish, here there are slight edges in the camera bump, brother, there has been a slight change in the design, but Brother, there is a very different feel about this phone, look at this phone, let me tell you one thing that the middle of the case has been left completely empty, which means there must be something here and there, this is not such a thin cable but it will lead to skipping, what do you feel brother? 

It is difficult brother, you will fall, someone will be able to get up after falling and say keeping master gogo, this is my word in this case, I have cut everywhere, so look at the back side, there will be something, this is on the right side, here are the gaming triggers, power button is the volume button, so Here all the things have to be cut, on the left there is a USB Type C port and at the bottom also there are port speakers, so for all these things, the brother had to be cut and kept but its look has completely changed. Brother, on the back side, there is a matte finish glass, although there is a gloss like line here, Republic of Gamers is written here, GLHF Girlfriend is written here as GF, I hear there is a girlfriend here. 

Here also RG is written, here something like 8 is written, from the back side you can see a slight curve and on the front side too, there is a slight curve but the sides are flat, so both flat and curve in the hand. At the same time, the feeling is quite different. There is a power button and volume button on the right side. The upper side is completely flat. At the bottom, there is SIM ejector, Type C speaker, headphone jack, everything is there, brother, no port, nothing. I have left it but have given only one or two extras, but there are three camera sensors here and the glass of the main camera is going a little inwards, so if you keep it like this and there is a light scratch, then there will be scratches in the main one. 

You will not come here if I make a few scratches on the side and show it to you. If you look like this, you will feel that brother, there are a lot of scratches, I have rubbed it but it would have disappeared, this type of back panel also has an advantage. It doesn’t detect fingerprints at all. Personally, I liked the gamer wipe which was a bit fun. 

I wanted to play a little mutation in this one so that the gamer can understand it and the normal consumer can also understand it. Go but we are not safe, you are thinking brother, when it gets covered from here then how to press the power button, I am also thinking the same but will check once, I noticed one thing, there is an unboxing mission in it, it is telling. Brother, first of all remove the case, then after that hold the phone like this, brother, something is coming, something is coming, it is also vibrating, it is going on, oh pain, wait, connecting the X is its mission brother, something happened, something happened brother. M vision activated, the sensor is turning white, the engine is charging, brother, what is happening, why is this happening, this is good, the phone has to be inserted like this, oh brother, look at what is happening Oh my god, please Aat ra fo please take au ra Fo brother, its unboxing experience was something different brother, what are the things that have been put on here, the light is on in the back side here, brother, I don’t even know, this is my vision, brother, look at this, oh brother, here. 

There are full lights on it, brother, it is showing battery at 34. Yes, basically there is a display on the inside and it has different lights, camera screen, notification call, light keeps on for everyone but there is no RGB light, there is an option in it. You can also make this light as per your wish, if you want, you can also draw it yourself, type the verse here, O look, I have written the name, look, brother, see this, what did you do brother, you look cool. It’s great, brother, this one also looks cool, it is making an attempt to do something sexy, I think they wanted to use this as a gaming phone as well as normal people, this was the main objective of having dual SIM. 

One thing has been placed one to one and I noticed that brother, if the type C is placed upwards, then if you play, you can move it in the finger like this, see, by keeping it like this, there is no problem in playing, now it is quite easy to play like this. It remains comfortable, it remains in the middle, it remains a little stubborn, there is difficulty in inserting the hand. 

If you scroll from the bottom, it shows you the entire X mode. It has different things like AI grabber, cooling mode, AI triggers. Here you will swipe from this corner, all your options come, cross air quick control, record speed up, speed up, I press it, see, the game gets optimized quickly, there are many options here too, one of them is a macro mode, this is very much for me. I personally find it cool, let me show you what happens with it, then what happens with macro, you can do three or four actions at once, understand that if you tap like this, then tap tap tap tap like this, it will start shooting and you will be fired. will have to be done like if I press the start button then see this knock knock knock see this I show again automatic firing brother look two kill Peggy hit from behind but no problem with macro brother become faster like this Look, it’s like I’m hitting it automatically by tapping, no need to do anything, it’s very cool, you can map it to different things so that when you tap it, it crouches and starts hitting automatically or by tapping it you Make multiple reactions like this here. 

In fighting games, you can do combo things of four or five moves with one button. If you see the settings in this, you can play extreme on HDR. Now this is the first impression video, so I will give you these details in this. I will not be able to tell the details of the camera and we cannot tell the benchmarks in the performance also because the company says that the first impression is so much, you can show so many things, we will show all the things in the full review, but we are in a slightly different environment and have given you some photos. I pull it out and show you, this one is a shot of the wide, this one is our short shot This one is a short of the pool, let’s take a shot of the wide one as well, it is actually completely dark here, one of mine Let’s draw Christmas Venky brother, we have just taken some photos, you see, tell us how do you feel, the rest of it is the actual final verdict, we will test it completely and give you a full review if we make it or you will have to listen to the song Rakh Aur Bhai Brother, the speaker is dull, it is a stereo speaker, but because the bezels have been reduced, brother, from the top side as well as the bottom side, hence the speakers are not feeling as loud as the old ones, but it will be at the top compared to the old phone. 

I felt it was a little less in terms of speakers. It has a 6.78 inch 165 Hz HD1 PS display. It has a brightness of 2500 nits around.

I felt it was a little less in terms of speakers. It has a 6.78 inch 165 Hz HD1 PS display. It has a brightness of 2500 nits around. It has a strong rectangular shape. You get the feel of seeing it inside. IP68 rating is also added inside it. Usually this is Type Rating: You don’t see it in gaming PCs because there are vents, but the one with fan one is quite heavy to hold in the hand. Its actual weight is 225 grams, which is usually as much as the smartphones, even the expensive flagship heavy smartphones are 200 grams. 

All around, you can’t say that it is a normal comfortable phone but it also has some advantages like you get a little more battery, 5500 AA battery has been added inside it, that too is less than last year’s 6000. This time there was a battery of AA, in my opinion, there was a slight reduction in all these things by cutting the bezels and making it completely compact, 500 AA batteries and a few speakers, see this, one or two more features have also been installed in it, from this side you can You will press it like this, brother, it is just for playing games, I have gone to Netflix’s, there are many options in the screen also, you can change the color temperature, cool it, you get rate racing in it, like a tank vank is installed here. 

Yes, in this you will get shadows added, rate tracing, for those who do not know, this is done in computers at a very high level, such graphics and shadows are added, but this has also been added recently in FS, but let me tell you the problem. There are no games, it runs smoothly, it is a sturdy thing but what to do with it brother, you look at this phone from every side, you will see only games in it from every side, a game mode has also been added to it, so you can play every single game. 

You can make different settings in BGA like The first thing to be separated is to put this cooler on my brother. First of all, I found it a little weird that it is being hidden by the cooler. It looks a little weird. Look, it looks different. There is light and water here. The entire end has been made colorful with different colors. Such triggers have been placed here and you must have noticed that there is no power button here which is covering it. Now the power button comes above it. Look, this is the power button. By placing it on a stand and making you stand like this, it becomes like a stand, it is quite cool, now the problem with this is that I am not able to get a grip with my hand with the cooler, I am not able to understand how to hold it because It is already cold, now a cool breeze is coming on my hand, I am feeling a little uncomfortable. What used to happen earlier? Aaoji’s phone was a little bigger, so there was space for my hand also, you are comfortable. You could have held it but now because the phone has become smaller, it means that your hands are getting stuck in it and it is a bit uncomfortable to play with it. 

Brother, the experience is strong but let me tell you right, this game is not a problem in playing with it. I feel like this, if you want to play a game in it, then you will be comfortable playing it normally, brother, overall you will not have any problem in playing the game, you will get to see a smooth game play, no matter which game you play, no matter what you do. But one thing I definitely felt in this is that the experience is definitely a little less than the old RG. 

That same comfort level is not possible because the old Aao FS was made entirely for gaming, so you get this complete bump pump on the camera too. It was not available for viewing, you can hold it comfortably in your hand, here you will definitely feel a little bit while holding it in your hand because there is a good camera bump along with it, if you put Aero Active Cooler, it would pull the entire phone, then your There is nothing left to make a grip. 

According to me, if grip should have been given or it should have been made smaller. Tell me honestly, this phone is a bit stuck in the middle, it is trying to become a flagship phone. Come, the phone may have a good direction but because of that, gamers will feel a little compromised. 

The design which had lights which were comfortable in gaming, the speakers and which was comfortable with the accessories, there is a compromise in all the things. But along with that there is a slight upgrade in the camera, so overall an attempt has been made to make a very balanced phone. 

According to me, to become a flagship phone, a very thoughtful software experience and a lot of features are needed in the camera too. Cinemator mode has to be reddishing on brother’s face, all those things are a little missing in it, the overall age phone is quite solid and quite valuable for money but according to me, either it would be made a flagship phone or A gaming phone is made, it can be in the middle spot, many gamers who were going to take, do not purchase this phone and if you compare it with a lot of flagship phones, then you may be left behind in something. 

Jaye But Bhai, we had a lot of fun, using this smartphone but a very different thing has been tried with a very sleek look and because brother company is trying very little new things, then brother Asu is a definant propos. You will have to give every time to take something different, so yes brother was so much for this article, we meet you in the next article

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