Xiaomi Redmi A3 Price in Pakistan With Review

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Introduction Xiaomi Redmi A3:

Hello, How are you guys? Brother, Xiaomi’s recently. You guys will get unboxing on this channel, so make sure you guys have subscribed to the website viksolve.com. Well, let’s talk in detail about whether anything new has been done on this phone. Should we wait or not? I am going to clear everything in this article. 

Display Specifications:

Make sure you all have to read the article till the end and yes, if you like the article, you can motivate us by liking it and also sharing it with a good comment. Also, if you are on the channel for the first time then subscribe because you will get the notification as soon as the unboxing comes. Let’s start with the display of this phone. 

Camera Setup Insights:

This phone has a 6.7-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 720p at 90 Hz. You will get an 8-megapixel selfie with a refreshed red-end nose. If this smartphone is under ₹ 2500000 redmi10.tk In the shape of a circle, inside the same circle you will also get an LED flashlight. There is going to be a 13-megapixel main sensor. And secondly, they are going to get a sensor of 0.08 megapixels, till date, I have not understood what is the benefit of installing it and how much the quality of the camera has been improved, only when it comes will you be told. Talking about the A version. 

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Memory and Storage Variants:

This smartphone will come with Android 1 Go Edition out of the box, here only then you will be told that as you know, I have a redmi10.tk decent chipset but I will explain this thing to you in detail only when it The phone will come to me, I will unbox it, then I will tell you this thing that the phone is not slow in running, it is decent in running, which means whether this phone should be considered from the budget point of view or not, as soon as it comes, you guys If you will get unboxing on this channel then make sure that you all must subscribe to the channel. Talking about the memory variant, 4GB RAM and 64GB RAM variant has been provided in this phone. It has ED AC 5.1 storage and is available with dual SIM. 

Fingerprint Scanner and Face Unlock

A dedicated SD card slot will also be available. Talking about the fingerprint scanner, it is not yet confirmed whether a fingerprint scanner will be provided inside this phone or it may not be possible to get a side-mounted fingerprint scanner inside this phone. You will also get the option of face unlock. Lastly, let’s talk about the battery. This smartphone will come with Type C. 

Battery and Charging Details:

There will be a 5000 AA battery with which you will get a normal 10-ready adapter, so let’s look at the overall specification. So if this phone is under ₹ 2500000 then it will be worth it but there are some things which are not worth it according to the price range, like the display with a notch, there should have been at least five holes, but what they have done here is a minus point. You guys have to see this thing, the rest will check when it comes, brother, how much improvement has been done, according to the price range, and whether this phone will be worth it or not, only when it comes, you guys will be told the idea of ​​the price.

Price Speculation and Launch Information 

I have been told that this phone will be launched at a price of Rs. 25000. It is possible that it may be priced higher than this. If the price is higher then definitely this smartphone will be considered overpriced. If I talk about the launch date then it will be at the end of this month. This phone will be launched in the Pakistani market. Who among you is waiting for this phone? Please do let us know in the comment section. So, I hope guys, you would have liked today’s article very much. If you like it then please like the article. Like, share, and leave a nice comment, I will meet you in the next article, so please allow me, brother.

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