You Are Not Eligible for YouTube Monetization 2024

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The Disappointment of Monetization Denial:

Imagine you upload 20 50 or 100 videos on YouTube, after uploading your 1000 subscribers get completed and brother, the watch time of 4000 hours also gets completed, now as soon as it gets completed, what do you do? You apply for monetization because for any user this monetization word is a big import tent and as soon as you apply, brother, upload 1 video on YouTube, upload 20 videos, and upload 100 videos, I also completed the criteria. 

Why is my channel monetization not eligible, while I am working hard myself and creating my content, so today’s article is very important for you within 2024, today I will give you an example of 10 types of I will give you that if you create any of these channels, then brother it will be written that monetization is not eligible and if you have created it then brother, do not work hard, all your hard work will go waste, even after completing all these criteria it will be written that monetization is not eligible. 

Memes Compilation:


If not legible then please like the video because this article is very informative also subscribe because I keep making such videos and such classes for you on our channel, so let me show you the first category. What is the first category? Yes, memes, now what happens to memes, do they compile and make videos like 810 memes are taken, compiled, and made into a video, then the views have come brother, 54 million views will be a lot but it will not be monetized even if and if you are making a long video then understand. 

Even if a long video gets views, it will not be monetized, so you cannot make videos by compiling memes. What happens is that there are a lot of memes, what do we do with them? We collect a lot of memes and give them some value. Will not add any story, any voice-over, nor show your face, just add that meme and add it like this is a meme, plus did it, then this is a meme, then did it plus, then this is a meme, plus did it like this. By combining them, we make a big video. By adding 10-10-second memes, we make a video and upload it. 

This is called meme compilation or apart from memes, if you are also taking videos of such funny movements Someone is taking a reel or someone else is taking small videos from social media and compiling them by adding like this, there will be no video. Keep in mind, do not create such channels at all. 

Let us understand the next category, this is the meaning of automation. Brother AI, now you will say why AI will not be monetized, I will tell you when AI will not be monetized, I will tell you, see, there is a video, what is there in a video, what are the photos, what are the photos, there are photos of your video. 

You can put a photo inside. Secondly, what will be the voice, which we call voice, or what will be the music, either there will be music and or what will happen will be your video only, that is, whatever is visual will be there. Now if all of these are there. You have taken things from AI, got photos generated from AI, voice from AI, music from AI, video from AI, even here there is one more thing, the voice-over is also done by AI, everything is done by AI, it is even subtitled, isn’t it? 

You got this done from here too, there is no value added to it, you are thinking brother, it is automation, now why are people doing this, they are doing it because brother, there are users from all over the world who are making these videos that brother, it is automation. Do it and make videos with AI and it is mine, I am adding value, if I am adding value, I am using AI a little bit, and then the work will be done, but completely you have created a channel on automation, AI, not monetization. 

This will be the next category. Let us understand that this is a free cartoon. Now understand what is this free cartoon. Suppose you have taken a story, you have taken a story from Google or you have taken a horror story, it is your choice. This cartoon is either made by AI. Or someone, what did you do, you took the free ones, the ones that come copyright free, the ones that come copyright free, they took the free cartoons and what did you do, you took this story and also if you got it made through AI, then brother, it is guaranteed. I am saying that this channel will not be monetized. 

Yes, if you know how to animate by yourself, know how to create cartoons by yourself, if you know everything then you can do voice-over in the story. If you generate cartoons by yourself then there is no problem. Then it will be monetized, but if you take the free cartoon, then what is it? It is limited, you will edit it and put it from there, it will not be monetized, keep this in mind. 

Next one, brother, it is very strong, relaxing music, views come on it. Brother, in a million, there are 1 million, 10 million such views, out of which 12 million are these, and the length of the video is also enough like one is one, it becomes 2, what happens in this is that many times What people do is that brother, they have taken relaxing music, now they have taken relaxing music, accept that this is music, yes, this is music and have put copyright free images here or put copyright free videos, now look at this relaxing music, this is also copied. 

The image was completely free, this was also copyright free, and the video was also copyright free, what was yours brother, you did not do anything, just edited it and posted it, so keep in mind that such videos with relaxing music may get views. But it is written only one income, monetization is not available, so you should not do this kind of work at all. 

Now let’s see the live stage program here. See here, if I am giving any speech etc. on the stage, then what happens like this? Anyone can give a speech and what else can anyone do? Brother, suppose someone is singing a song, that is, he can also sing music. Apart from this, what else can anyone do? Suppose someone is giving a speech or apart from this. Is there any TV show going on? Suppose there is no TV show going on. 

There is no problem. What do people do? Like, I am here on the stage, assume that I am saying anything, and we will record it. I have recorded it. Now there is no TV show going on here. I have recorded this from my mobile. 

Okay, now what do people think of that brother, I have recorded this, and I have also recorded this from my mobile, so this has happened, my contact is not there at all, reused content comes on such contact tip. You may face the problem of copyright, how can it come, let me tell you, yes, this is my stage show, I did the stage show, now this content is mine, not yours, you record the record. Recording from mobile does not mean that the content becomes yours, but Suppose, I was singing a song, now it is also possible that the person who is singing the song on the stage may not even have the copyright of the song, is there any company that has made a song out of it? By signing two or four songs, he is doing a concert, a music concert, but he is doing the music concept through a brand, through a company, then to whom will the copyright rights go to that company, even if you have recorded it a lot? 

There are all different types of programs, magic shows, these shows, whatever stage programs they are, if you record them from your mobile and post them or if there is a TV show, you will record it from your mobile and apart from this, many people will post them by recording the screen. 

What do you do, brother, this is TV and what do I do, I record its screen, so brother, I have done it myself, even if cricket is going on in it, even if something else is going on in it, brother, I have recorded it. Brother, the content is not yours, the content is theirs only, you do not have to do this kind of work at all, otherwise, it is written that there is only one income, monetization is not available or there may be a problem of usage, now let’s come, free music, free music, and brother, footage, now you will say. 

Zee-free music is nothing like that, so we can use free music, see what happens when Zee copyright-free music is available, and In many places, there are NCS, etc., and some NCS-like channels that we call no copyright sound like this. You have taken the music, and now this music is there, you don’t know anything about it, you can use it, but you will have to use the original video which is in Plus. Now what do people do with the footage? 

The footage is either used free of copyright or is used under the Common Creative Common license and if the music is also used for free, then you have used both things for free, that is, the visuals which are yours are yours. They are showing that it can be there in the video as well, it can be there in the photos too, they have taken copyright free and the music has also been taken copyright free, what have you done, you have just added plus and edited it. Reused content comes on such videos and These types of channels are not monetized. 

Gameplay without Commentary:

Leave aside what used to happen earlier. Now if they are not monetized then what will happen in this? You can use music but the video should be your own. One thing should be your own. Your value add should be too much. It is important, let’s go next, yes, this is the gameplay, now see if we talk about gaming channels, if we talk about gaming channels, then gaming channels earn money, so why did I write gameplay, then what do people do? People do this like What will they do if a game is going on? 

What will they do with gaming? If gaming is going on, we will record it. This game is going on, we have recorded it. Now we will record it. We will record it. We will neither give voice-over nor do any commentary on it. An empty game is going on and the gameplay is recorded and uploaded. Such channels will also not be monetized. Keep in mind that if you want to play a game, then either show a small face of yours in the side corner or at least do commentary on it. Create a story, and add your value, if you are already doing this, you are posting gameplay, then your hard work is bad, do some work on it, and add a comment category because only gameplay will not be monetized. 

Now here comes the voiceover. And Free Images What is this thing, brother, let me tell you like suppose there is a stage, yes, there is this stage, now there is a stage here and there is a guy who is singing anything on music here, he can sing anything. It can be of any religion, it can be of any kind, it can be his speech, it can be his speech, it can also be his song, it means whatever it is, he is singing on the stage, so now what have you done, that guy is singing. If it is there, what did you do with it? Recorded the video, recorded the video but what did you do after editing it? You took out its audio. You took out the audio. Yes, only the audio. You took out the audio. Take care. You took out the audio. 

Now what did you do? Well, the audio is original. It is the person who sang it. But it is not yours, have you taken the audio, what have you done, you have put some free images here like it is free, it is copyright free, it is a free image, it will be a free image or a free video, it is a free video, now I have put it. Look what people do, someone is singing a song, someone is giving a speech, someone is reciting a ghazal, they record the video on the stage but keep the audio, and after removing the visuals, they put some copyright-free images and copyright-free video. 

Many such channels are running but brother, even such channels are not monetized, they are reused because this was also someone else’s and this was also someone else’s, so you should not do this kind of work at all. I have seen many places where Like many times when there is Bhajan Kirtan, the program of Bhajan Kirtan is going on, we will record the program, now we will edit it, then the sound of Bhajan Kirtan will keep going on, we will put free image, free video on it, it will not be monetized, keep in mind. You have not added any value to this. Now comes the reaction on Zee 0. 

You will say what is this, brother? Look at all the reaction channels that are giving reactions on YouTube. There is no reaction, it is just a joke. The video is playing, neither has he made any commentary nor given any reaction, he has not given anything, just an empty video playing, he is sitting in the corner like a crazy person, not saying anything, the videos with 0 reactions on this are not monetized. Watch this video: Brother, he will sit here in the corner, he will sit comfortably and quietly in the corner, will not say anything, will not say anything at all, will laugh a lot, will cry a little, will do like this, will just give a little expression and Brother, the video will keep playing here, the entire video will end, there is no point, so brother, there is no reaction like this, these videos will not be monetized, you can do this by watching a little video and giving a reaction to it, someone, someone, take your turn and talk. 

If you tell a story, if someone reacts beyond that, then the reaction will get monetized, but if you sit silently in a corner and someone else’s content is being used, then there will be a problem of usage, it will be used and will not be monetized, which is the next category. To understand this carefully, now what are the templates of the category templates that there is a video that is the template inside that video, now the beans are not understood, what is not what is the format that the format is not the video. 

This is that bean beans are beans, I explain to you, that most of these channels are there like a channel of education has become a channel. Apart from this, the marriage that happens is the kind of channels, what happens in the marriage that brother is a girl, this is this, it is this is what she wants for marriage, what do they do for marriage, then they set a format a template and set full PPT In it, the name keeps changing the left like Suppose is a video that brother is a girl, she is looking for such videos of a man, there are also Khuva, what is the name in it, what is the name and changes will change the edge and change the age, the place will change the place. Change the education and change the height white will change, just in every video, Template beans will remain, they will change the name, even on the study, people who have made many different channels, who have a format bean, if the sem format is in every video and You are also changing a little bit of name, so the videos like this are not monetized, so if you are making any such videos, then stop making because your hard work will go into it and the montage will go into it. 

You will not do the original work, you cannot earn money and if you earn even you can earn a lot of hard work, then you will earn a lot of money when the channel is demonetized, you will not know, so do the original work, make the original content and.

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