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8 Myths of Blogging 2024 | Viksolve

Introduction 8 Myths of Blogging

Now those sites that published such articles that had nothing to do with search, which did not contain anything called keywords, have gone ahead and those that had put 100% keyword-focused content, have gone down, I guarantee. I say that 99 people among you have 100% faith in this thing if you are posting this article with this intention, and trust me, the people who share the information in their blogs, articles, or on these places. So in today’s article, I am going to clear you that which are the things that do not work at all, now you should leave them due to which you people are still lagging, due to which you people If you are not able to make progress, then read till the end of the article. 

8 Myths of Blogging 2024 | Viksolve

At the end of the article, I am going to give details about how you can get the recordings of Blogging Mastery Batch 3 which has just finished six months, and how you can get them for free. At the end of the article, I am going to tell you, let’s start with the first biggest myth of people that if you post more content, you will get more traffic, this is wrong, trust me, now it does not happen. If you are thinking that we will post 500000 2000 articles with AI content. So this will happen, that will happen, nothing like this will happen, I have told you how to produce thousands of articles with AI, but I also told you that there is no benefit, I will link the article here, read it. What to do is to keep a standard of quality with yourself that you have to produce articles of this quality regardless of the number but everything inside it should be proper, its on the page should be proper, its optimization, statistical optimization, everything should be strong. It will be beneficial to write otherwise 5000 articles as well, they will not be of any benefit. Number two is search intent, everything is there, in 2024, there is no such thing anymore, now such sites that published articles that had nothing to do with search, in which There was no such thing as keywords inside, have gone ahead and those who had put 100% keyword-focused content have gone down, so what does it mean? You will have to write content on the keywords which are based on your site. Number three above is the much-maligned internal links. Internal links are powerful. 

There is no doubt about it, but only when you use them in such a way that you take a user from one page to another to provide value and not just In this case, you interlink one page to 30 other pages because we think that once we put an article on our website, now it had to rank, it is okay, it did not happen, no problem, now we will have to put a new article to get new traffic. Your thinking is that your old content is sitting ready to be ranked because its optimization is not strong, it is not targeting the right keywords and it needs some backlinks, then all these things you need to know on your computers only. Let us tell you that brother, how to do this, see in this article that I told you that your competitor tells you to do this, I have got ranked, you also do it in this way, read it in the complete article or details. Do number five: People think that it is not necessary to create a structure. Create a site, keep adding articles, or create pages. Let’s do the structure in Datchi. 

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Topical clusters make your content relevant. Now when this topic is mentioned, it is not necessary to create a structure. Google 3 then writes good content that is highly optimized and then makes clusters of them, keeps them in the same category, and properly interlinks them, this is how you make the right clusters, post number six articles so that 100-200 articles come in the side, then earning comes. If you are posting articles with this intention, then you have wasted time and money, each article is no less than a lottery for you. Sales can come from any article, backlinks can be found from any article. So post every article in such a way that it is one of the best articles on your website and it will be better than all the previous articles written in the past. 

When you write in this way, every article will attract links and the user will read every article till the end of the site. The user who comes on top gets a lot of value and trust me Google If you have to create 300 backs links then ranking will come, ignore the quality, if you have 200 backlinks on one side, then here a quality backlink will be heavier than these, then the backlinks will be lower. For this, numbers matter but what is more important is the quality. What quality of backlinks are you getting? Is it coming from the relevant side? Is it coming from the content? What is the anchor text from where the backlink is coming? 

All these things matter, what is the authority of the website from where the backlink is coming, so powerful backlinks will always give you the extra edge to your website finally, cannibalization, many people do not even know about cannibalization, means that when If two of your pages are being searched for the same keyword, then I am going to make a detailed article on this topic. It will be uploaded on the channel in the coming days to find out how your website is getting hurt. It happens that due to cannibalization, she is bleeding from many places and you don’t even know about it, due to which she is not able to perform as she should in the search engine. So this article is going to be uploaded in a few days on this channel. Make Share Subscribe on 15th March I am giving away the recordings of my Blogging Mastery Batch 3 which is of six months duration. If there are those of you who could not join Blogging Mastery Batch 4 which The first class was on 22nd February, there is no problem, you participate in the free recordings, the only requirement is that you have to subscribe to the channel, so this will not be for two or four people, I will release it for a lot of people so that maximum people can read it. So that we can benefit from this thing and with this we are ending this article. For today, if you like the article then like it, and if you like it even better then share it with someone. See you in the next article. 

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