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Friends, if any film is being discussed the most at the moment, then it is Ranveer Kapoor’s film Animal, which has heated up the atmosphere so far, that is Ranveer Kapoor’s film Animal, where friends, the film Animal is running in theaters for the third day today. 

After breaking the film’s record on the opening day, this film had taken a good jump in the collection on the second day, but today is the third day of the film, Sunday, all the shows are so housefull that not a single seat is vacant and friends, today. Zee film is creating complete havoc at the box office, even Shahrukh Khan’s film Jawan has been left behind by this film, but friends, for now in this video I will talk to you about Bollywood’s Sultan Salman Khan’s film Tiger

It was released in theaters on 12th November on the special occasion of Diwali, today is the 22nd day of its release in theaters, so how much total earning did the film Tiger 3 manage to earn in India in its first 21 days, while the film was released all over the world. What is the total collection and how much is this film earning today on its 22nd day? Because today is Sunday of the film, so what will be the total box office collection of 22 days. Will the film Tiger 3 be a hit at the box office or not? Along with Philip, we will talk about the official box office collection of the entire two days of Animal film and how much this film is going to earn on its third day today and what will be the three day world wide box office collection of the film, so friends, just You will stay with this video but friends, before that, if you consider Ranveer Kapoor i.e. the new action king, the new Angrian man Ranbir Kapoor and the Sultan of Bollywood, the Badshah of Bollywood Salman Khan as a great actor, then like this video wholeheartedly. 

Friends, if I talk about the film Tiger 3, then the amount of praise I can give to this film is less because when this film was released on the special occasion of Diwali on 12th November, the film got a lot of praise. There was a lot of negativity and the film was trolled, but despite this, on one hand, the storm of Animal is going on not only in India but all over the world, on the other hand, Tiger 3 is making good collection at the box office, where many people were saying this. 

That Salman Khan’s film Tiger 3 will flop at the box office, but the way Tiger 3 has performed at the box office so far is really praiseworthy and worth watching. For your information, let me tell you that Tiger 3, which is a It was a part of Spy Universe and the film was directed by Manish Sharma, the film was produced by Yash Raj Films i.e. Aditya Chopra, Salman Khan, Katna Kaif, Emraan Hashmi were seen in important roles in the film, Shahrukh Khan’s special Camu was also seen in this film. And the total budget of the film was at least 3325 crores. This film was made on a huge budget and let me tell you that the film was released on approximately 9000 screens all over the world. 

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The film Tiger 3 opened on its first day i.e. the opening day. But 44 crores 50 lakhs were earned nett from all over India, whereas the world wide collection of the film was 94 crores, but you should remember one more thing that it was the occasion of World Cup, the World Cup was going on in full swing when Tiger 3 was so successful. The film was making collections on the second day. 

The collection of the film was 9 crores and on the third day the film had earned 44 crores 75 lakhs and on the three-day weekend of Diwali, the film had collected 148 crores 50 lakhs from India, while the film had earned Rs. 148 crores from the world. The wide collection had become 2240 crores, after that you know that the semi-final match of India vs New Zealand, the semi-final match of South Africa vs Australia and the final match of India vs Australia i.e. 

Tiger 3 managed to earn at least 100 crores in these days. But for now I will talk about the box office collection of 21st day and 22nd day, yesterday was Saturday of the film and I was expecting that the film would make at least Rs 1 crore but friends, the film earned many times more than the expectations and the film Earned ₹ 1 crore 20 lakh on its 21st day and I will talk about the 22nd day. 

Today’s occupancy is also amazing. On one hand Animal is creating a storm and on the other hand Tiger 3 is earning ₹ 70 crore crore on its 22nd day i.e. Sunday. And the total earning of 22 days of the film will be 2886 crores 40 lakhs nett from India, while the film is earning 470 470 crores in the whole world and the film has become a hit at the box office, but friends, I will talk about Animal, how much Animal has impressed. 


Brother, before this no film has ever impressed me so much because I knew that Animal would earn money, this film would do well at the box office but no one had ever thought that it would run so much and earn so much. Let me tell you. 

Currently, Animal has created a storm at the box office. The people of entire India are intoxicated with this film and in fact, not only in India but in overseas, it is said that Shahrukh Khan is the king. His films are huge earners in overseas. Salman Khan’s films are huge earners. It earns a lot but the collection that Animal has made in overseas is really worth seeing and friends, I cannot praise Animal as much as I talk about the box office collection of Animal movie, so first of all let me tell you that. 

This film was made under the direction of Sandeep Reddy Vanga, produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishna Kumar. In the film, we saw Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol and Rashm Ka Mandanna in important roles. The budget of the film was around Rs 50 crores. On the first day, this film was released in India in five languages ​​- Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, and on its first day, the film had earned a net worth of Rs. 6 crore 80 lakh from India, while the world wide gross collection of the film was Rs. 116 crore. 

On Saturday, we saw an even better jump in the collection of the film and the film earned Rs 67 crore 27 lakh and the official earning of the film in two days was Rs 131 crore 7 lakh nett in India. The gross collection had reached Rs 156 crores. The film had earned Rs 80 crores in two days from overseas and overall the film had earned Rs 2236 crores in its first two days in the entire world. The third day is Sunday, so friends today. 

The shows all over the world are house full, you are not going to get any vacant seat, the evening occupancy of the film is 80, remember the evening occupancy is 80 i.e. the night occupancy is going to come i.e. at least 96. And the occupancy of the night at 97 and indeed Tabaahi Yaar Tabaahi film is collecting more than Rs. 80 crores on its third day, so the total earning of the film in three days will be more than Rs. 2211 crores. 

It is crossing the figure of 50 crores in its first three days all over the world, where friends, the film Animal is crossing the figure of 50 crores in three days, which is praiseworthy and worth watching, but friends, Tiger 3 or Animal are not the best films of these two films. Which film had more life in the story and which film did you like best? Please do tell in the comments.

1. What is the current status of Ranbir Kapoor’s film “Animal”?

“Animal” is currently creating a buzz in theaters, with full house shows and positive reception. It has surpassed Shahrukh Khan’s film “Jawan” at the box office.

2. Can you provide details about Salman Khan’s film “Tiger 3”?

“Tiger 3” was released on November 12th on Diwali and has been performing well at the box office. It is part of the Spy Universe, directed by Manish Sharma and produced by Yash Raj Films. The film features Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Emraan Hashmi in significant roles, with a total budget of 3325 crores.

3. How did “Tiger 3” perform on its opening day?

“Tiger 3” earned 44 crores 50 lakhs on its opening day in India, and the worldwide collection was 94 crores.

5. What are the key highlights of “Animal’s” box office performance?

“Animal,” directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishna Kumar, has exceeded expectations. In the first two days, it earned 131 crores 7 lakhs in India and 2236 crores worldwide.

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