Apple iPhone 16: Everything we know, from design to specs

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After several years of incremental updates, the iPhone 15 lineup made a surprisingly impressive debut in September. The release included the iPhone 15 Pro, the first iPhone featuring a titanium body and a customizable Action Button. Even the standard model boasted significant features like the Dynamic Island, elevating the ‘budget’ version. With such advancements, the anticipation for the iPhone 16 range in 2024 is understandably high.

Though rumors surrounding the next iPhone generation are currently scarce, history suggests that won’t be the case for long. Even before the launch of the iPhone 15, tidbits about its successor had started circulating. This page will be continuously updated with every leak and rumor as they emerge. For those who can’t wait, exploring the best iPhone 15 deals available now might be a tempting option.

iPhone 16: Design


Persistent rumors about the iPhone 16 hint at larger screen sizes. Leakers suggest the iPhone 16 Pro could feature a 6.3-inch display, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max might reach 6.9 inches. These sizes contrast with the current Pro and Pro Max dimensions of 6.1 and 6.7 inches, respectively.

Another less prominent rumor revolves around the camera layout. There’s speculation that Apple might revert to a vertical arrangement, abandoning the current diagonal lens layout seen on the standard model and returning to the setup last seen on the iPhone 12.

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As always, there are murmurs about the possibility of Apple finally introducing an all-screen iPhone in 2024. The Dynamic Island served as a compromise to the notch, but there’s a growing hope that 2024 could mark the year when Apple unveils a truly all-screen design, eliminating the notch housing the front camera and FaceID sensor.

iPhone 16: Specs and Features

Information on the iPhone 16’s features is currently limited, but a few rumors have surfaced. There’s speculation that Apple might extend its 120Hz ‘ProMotion’ refresh rate to the entire iPhone lineup in 2024. Fans have long desired this upgrade, as the current 60Hz feels modest for a modern smartphone. Currently, only the Pro models boast ProMotion, but it could potentially become a standard feature across the entire lineup, akin to the Dynamic Island.

Another rumor suggests that Apple is working on introducing its own custom-designed battery. If realized, this could prove as groundbreaking as Apple’s silicon, offering significantly enhanced efficiency.

iPhone 16: Release Date and Price

While the design and features of the upcoming iPhone remain subjects of speculation, the release date and price have followed a predictable pattern in recent years. Barring the exception in 2020, when the pandemic pushed the release to October, Apple has consistently unveiled new iPhones in September. Hence, a September 2024 release date for the iPhone 16 is a safe expectation.

Regarding price, little deviation is expected. The iPhone 15 lineup started at £799 / $799 / AU$1499, the iPhone 15 Pro at £999 / $999 / AU$1849, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max at £1199 / $1199 / AU$2199. With these prices remaining largely unchanged from the iPhone 14 lineup, it’s reasonable to anticipate a similar pricing range for the iPhone 16.

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