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Image Credit: Tesla's market value is more than $700 billion, and Elon Musk is the richest man in the world.

Google Problem

In 2018, Elon Musk is not yet the richest man in the world. His company Tesla’s market value is less than $60 billion. Tesla has announced a new car, Model 3, which needs to reach a lot of people. Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable model, which will reach a lot of people, which will increase Tesla’s market value in the future. But now in 2018, Tesla’s challenge is to make this model as fast as possible and reach as many people as possible. But to make this Model 3 affordable, Elon Musk has invented a production pipeline, in which a lot of automation has been added. A lot of work is going to be done through robots so that it can be done as soon as possible and this car can be launched in the market at a low price. That production pipeline is struggling with the problem. 

This automation is slowing down the process instead of speeding it up. Elon Musk sleeps on his company’s floor, gets angry at many people, gets angry, fires them as usual. After this, he finds out what the solution to this problem is. The solution to this problem is not to add more machinery, not to add more automation, but to add humans. Later on, in an interview, Elon Musk said that humans are underrated. 

He added more humans, the car production became faster, the car started reaching people, and people found out through an affordable car that Tesla is making such a safe car, such a comfortable car, and the rest is history. Today, in 2024, Tesla’s market value is more than $700 billion, and Elon Musk is the richest man in the world. This is all because of adding more humans and reducing automation. Now, suddenly, why am I talking about Elon Musk, why am I talking about Tesla? We are not going to make car-related videos yet. 

Image Credit: Tesla’s market value is more than $700 billion, and Elon Musk is the richest man in the world.

We are still an SEO channel. But here, I am not talking about Elon Musk or Tesla. I am talking about automation. Such automation that comes through AI, and in the world of AI and automation, the biggest leading name is Google. The same Google that comes in the search engine, the same Google on which the world of all the SEO and PPC executives is based. In the digital world, digital advertising, digital marketing, Google is still the most important name. But there are two challenges ahead of this most important name. 

Number one is AI chatbot, which can continuously provide a personalized answer to all your questions. Problem number two is that Google search engine’s own search results are very questionable. Most people keep complaining that the quality of Google search results is getting down. Well, Google search engine was not the first search engine in the world. There were many search engines before Google, and after Google, there were many search engines. But by combining all these previous search engines and later search engines, Google was able to become the biggest search engine. 

The reason is the quality of its answers, the quality of its results. When all this was not done by AI, there was no automated ranking signal. AI, AI, AI, there was no beautiful background for AI. AI, AI, AI, AI, Generative AI. Even then, the small team of Google, Matt Cutts, was the head of the web spam team. His team combined Google’s search results and made them so good that the whole world started using Google by default. And the meaning of search, the meaning of online search, was Google. Google became a verb in itself. But today, when there is AI, Quantum Computer, Google has thousands of engineers. 

They have an army of software engineers. Despite this, the quality of Google’s search engines, you can see an example of this yourself. I ask Google, Why does water in my bathtub look blue? It’s a simple query. Why is the water in my bathtub looking blue? And you will see that in the search results of this query, all the websites that are coming, they are all talking about having more copper in the water. In fact, the snippet that you can see here, the featured snippet that you can see here, is also pointing towards copper. If you use your 10th basic physics knowledge, then whenever the water is clean and in more quantity, it looks blue. The natural color of water is pale blue. 

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Now, it is possible that in any bathtub, in any fitting, in plumbing, there is a copper problem and because of that, the color of the water is blue. But all the search results that you can see here, these are all highly SEO optimized websites. The problem with Google is that Google is still not ranking natural articles here. At least, Google should give this reason in this featured snippet that it is possible that the water is clean and in more quantity, that’s why it is looking blue. If highly SEO optimized articles, such articles whose page title, description, image alt, everything is optimized and Google is ranking this website based on it, then what is the difference between Google and Bing? Bing can also consider these same factors and rank any website. And in fact, it does. 

Google is not made because it can rank any highly SEO optimized article. Google is made by Google and its good search results, when people used to do a lot of spam on the website, used to put white text on white background to rank their websites. Pyramid schemes used to happen, link purchasing, and link selling, used to be very open. Even then, Google used to rank good websites. Now, Google has a lot of systems to stop spam. 

Spambrain is a very good system in itself. Apart from this, Google has also provided forms on which people can go to spammy websites, websites which are not providing helpful content, and can report them. But no one is working on those reports, on those complaints. I know, the internet is very big in itself, but Google does not have a shortage of staff and Google does not have a shortage of computing power. 

There is no shortage of talent. Somewhere down the line, Google has stopped caring about whether the content the user is seeing is actually helpful or not. We are all making helpful content, but is Google able to show helpful content further? A few days ago, there was a discussion in which Reddit’s content was surfacing a lot, and people started spamming on Reddit, started putting Reddit in their articles. Apart from this, LinkedIn is continuously publishing AI-generated, spammy content, bullshit content, and Google is continuously ranking it. Now, here we can give a little slack to Google. 

Google is a big search engine in itself, which observes these types of spammy techniques, and in the next core update, it downloads all these search results. But still, after all these things, after all these challenges, Google is the biggest search engine in the world, with 93% traffic. This search engine should hope to do better than itself. If I, as a CEO, am working for a company, for a plumbing company, then I will also write such articles because of which Google will give traffic to my website. But if Google sets a higher bar than itself, where Google starts showing such naturally helpful, truly helpful articles, truly helpful pages, then maybe SEOs will also start writing and showing the same type of honest content. 

Right now, we can only see over-SEO-optimized articles. Right now, the real-world situation is that Google’s search liaisons, Google’s guidelines, exactly word-to-word, if someone follows them and does SEO, then his website doesn’t get much traffic. Practically, if you see, a lot of spammy techniques still work. Overly SEO-optimized articles still perform better. If Google wants people to not go to chat GPT or any other chatbot, AI chatbot, and find all their answers from the search results, then they will have to do better. They will have to improve the quality of their answers. 

The automation that has been done so much, it will have to be toned down a little. Our web spam team will have to be made stronger. Maybe we will have to take advice from Matt Cut on how to improve good content. What do you have to say about all this? Tell us in the comment section. Let’s meet in the next Image SEO video. I know we have promised an Image SEO video. That will also happen. But there should be some thoughts in between. Let’s meet in the next video with the topic of Image SEO. Thank you so much for watching this video. My name is Vikram for And I will see you next time. Take care.

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