I Tried Apple Vision Pro! *The Future is Here*

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Credits: Apple Vision Pro

Introduction of Apple Vision Pro

L’s new Apple Vision Pro has finally arrived, you can operate the computer with your eyes, gaming is happening in 3D, you can make a movie theater of your own while sitting in the metro, brother, and you can operate things with your fingers like Iron Man, there is a whole different thing inside it. This is the world, it has not been launched in India yet, in the US people are doing different things by wearing it, some are driving by wearing it, cooking food, people flying planes, it seems that the reality is about to change, my friends, our lives. Maybe from today, it is going to change forever, from now on I will have to wear glasses, I will also make videos wearing glasses, don’t tell you but I enjoy ARVR and I have also tried next level and AR headsets. We have done boxing, we have tried futuristic glasses, but this is the next level. It is not even called VR. It has to be called special computing. 

Price Point and Product Comparison

It has to be called a bit expensive. If you buy a VR headset, you will get Rs. 500. When you call it special computing, then 4 lakhs and four kidneys are gone, friend, the kidney struggle is enough, now our kidneys have become expensive, now we have a kidney worth 10 lakhs, it came with a lot of hard work, test us, oh brother, this is L’s new Apple vision pro, ha ha ha, we are already testing. We were doing this, friend, we had prepared everything, this is L’s most futuristic gadget, Apple Vision Pro, this second picture is going on, all these things will keep happening along with my normal life, so this is the next level, but we also try all the things with our hands. I have a complete metal and glass feel in the grip, I keep it aside for a second, and let’s see also brother, that brother cloth, take out its compatibility list, it just cleans the vision, it is not compatible with I, I have given a slightly thin cushion. 

I have given a slightly thick one along with it. Oh brother, L has given me the entire book. Brother, this has come separately. Didi, Namaste Didi, how is this dual loop band for wearing, if there is a fitting and no battery, then oh brother, tell me this box is very good. It is heavy, it has a 3166 AA battery, which means it has less battery than most phones and its weight is equal to two phones, but its connector also looks quite different and a charger and normal UAB cable have been provided. Brother, the charger has come in the box of L. If you spend Rs lakh then we will give you a free charger. To connect it, there is a very interesting charging port. You have to put it on the side end and then it gets locked by rotating it and you can also use it by putting it on the charging port. 

Apple Vision Pro
Credits: Apple Vision Pro

There is no battery inside, so it does not work without it and once it is attached to the side, it does not come out. It is a very solid joint. Its entire structure is of very high quality. It is a complete single-piece aluminum frame. There is a complete reflective glass on the front side. On the outside side, 1 2 3 4 Pa ​​Chh and one sensor are placed here, two sensors are placed on the bottom side, even which is the eye area, inside it too, brother. There are many sensors installed inside it, there is also a retina scan inside that it also recognizes your eyes, I also liked its casing, brother, even if you have to take it out and wash it, you can still sweat. The chest comes in the headset but you can attach all the things one by one. 

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This is also the headset band on the backside. You can see that big lines have been made in it, because of the structure like this, you will not be able to attach it enough. If you use Time, you do not sweat and Apple has taken care of many other small things, such that you may not even be able to see it, but this is the round circular area, there are speakers installed here and the speakers are there. The strength is fine, there is a digital ground on the top side, there is a button on the left side, and vents are placed on the top and bottom sides so that air keeps passing so that it does not get too hot. Very high-quality video process. I am doing one cool thing, let me tell you a patent for this type of design Brother, it feels like I have entered a game. Oh brother, let me start with its setup. In this, I have to set up my eyes and I show you my face, how do you see, you look behind, I have seen that the hand setup is complete, 

I had to tap it like this, brother, I did it on top of everything, I did it dot dot dot, brother, it is very strong, isn’t it? Didi is looking right in front of me, telling me how things need to be done, showing me how to do it, and then starts taking the capture. Look, all of you, brother, no left down, then big switch with pro buck, come closer, my love, come a little closer, oh boy, brother, you are looking so different. Hey man, my eyes are capturing so well in real-time brother, but I am saying that it is capturing all the things very well, I am even blinking my eyes, I have opened more and fewer shots brother, which means my hands are also being captured. 

How are my hands visible to him? What is this? My AI has become a clone that is talking to me. Friend, I am in front of you, I am me, I am you, we both are the same brother, she is looking right, how are you looking, oh brother, very funny. Brother, I feel like I can talk to myself. Oh my God, this is something different. Hi brother, how are you? Hi brother, Hello brother, how are you? Nice to meet you, one thing I found very interesting in this, is means it is almost real-time. If someone sees me throwing this, he might not be able to catch it. Brother, if I throw this then I can catch it, but the back is not visible brother, so they can also add it to this, they will add the eyes behind, brother, I just thought. No, oh brother, what is happening, brother, all this is also a problem, brother, after hanging the stars, let me tell you the basic things, as soon as you open the Apple Vision Pro, you will see the primary menu, you will ask, brother, how come there is no control given in it? Work is done on the screen that you see in front of you, wherever you see it, like right now I am watching music, then I am watching TV, then Safari, then and to select my actual, press something like this and it is not necessary. You have to keep your finger here, you can also keep it below like this and it gets selected from here too. First of all, I can move the window back and forth by selecting it. If I want to make it exactly like a TV, then I can make it completely like a TV. And I am getting these things done very easily, 

Apple’s Vision Pro Hands-Free Control and Keyboard Usage

I am not facing any problem, the rest of them require a controller, the remote is different, in this, whatever controller you have, the controller is all your eyes and your fingers, now understand me here. If you have to type then you will think how will the typing be done now, the keyboard has come in front, if I move a little closer to this keyboard, then I can look at the keys, like first look at the back key, I can tap like this, I saw T, I typed. I did it and if I have to type using my fingers like I normally type, tick tick but the thing is that I cannot type with all the fingers, I cannot type with the third finger like this, two I have a finger with this YouTube Now I am watching, brother, I am also browsing, I do not need any mouse house, where I will watch, understand that I have to watch this live stream, where did I go live, I pinch page. 

The work is done, I have to see the playlist, the playlist is done, now if I want to open any website in it, I can open it, the t-shirt is looking great, look at the t-shirt, understand that if I press the left button like this, I will be able to capture the photo and I can take a video from this headset, if I take a video, Yo Yo, what’s up, how are you, Jassi Bhai, how are you, Winky Bhai, it takes a special video type, which you will be able to see only in the headset, brother, as you can see in the photo. No brother, it is very much in 3D C, you can see that it means a camera seems to be a little closer, it is a very immersive experience, Rata brother, I have been using it for a long time in the video, but I am not getting any headache, it is a little bit like this. It feels like a hair’s breadth because I was wearing a leash for so long, but overall it is a very comfortable experience. Brother, I have set up windows at different places. 

Here, in this room, I have set up this window. After playing the music, now look, I go to the other corner, here it is already open, brother, I can plant the same window inside the room too, I have converted my entire house into a computer, brother, this is not in it, this is also a lot above It is a great experience friend, there is a theater on your roof and the advantage of the theater is that you can only see it and the disadvantage is also that if Mashu is with you then she will not be able to do the fun. Now I am going out with my friends. We will do a lot of work, we will do a lot of things, we will meet people, we will swing and we will figure out all the things, how to do what to do, but the weather is fine, our winds are blowing, let’s go, the lift is not coming, it is taking time for the lift to come, there is no problem here. Let’s sit and play our movie together, the snow has come, should I clap or am I going crazy, brother, look, the mounting is very strong, that is, I will roam around here and there in the heat, saying hello with all my might, the screen is still here, brother, oh brother, let’s go. Pausing, how can I see my eyes brother, look at this, it made the screen disappear because there is an elevator, it is going down, and the way to track it is by using GPS track I am not kidding at all I can drive normally or by wearing a headset, I will not make any adv but friend, just drive around me where there is no traffic. Lately, if you want to see me driving on maps, then I can do that. No challenge right now. 

Uncle is here, uncle will notice me, will think what is he doing here brother but I am driving right like this, do you feel any problem in driving, now I am standing like this, I understand it is okay friend, I am sitting in the car, now I Brother, what should I do, my brother will take his seat behind me, I will put some of my own here, watch this TV, this is an adventure show, watch this, oh brother, it has become a complete theater, brother, actually its speakers are also very strong, friend, the one next to you can hear the sound. But brother, now I can watch great TV and if I feel like driving, no no no brother, I will sit here and will not go anywhere, now I have learned to play the real game brother, I will exercise brother, one advantage is that I can direct the sun. I can see that there is no hesitation in my eyes, there is a lot of workout for today, the butterfly is coming, it is coming, it is coming to me, it is coming to me, it is coming to me, it is very different, brother, I am seeing it in me. 

I can touch it, brother, as much as you can see, just like you can see the building behind, almost as big as the building is, I can’t see the screen and understand myself, my open working out becomes a little while watching the movie, yes, I will kill you, I will give it to you. Do I kill, I kill, yes kill Brother, leave the car, let’s go by plane, I have opened the engine in this engine, I have a car, throw it away, this part has been separated, this part has been separated, this part has been separated, O brother, so many This is the part, let’s go, brother, hello brother, how are you, don’t you know about this, brother, look at this one, you don’t understand it, you have to check it, you have to take it out to try, it felt like you have come to a different world, this is to brat like a butt. Brother, you can try it for 24 hours, now real life is not of low quality, it is feeling incomplete to me, friend, real life is pinching here, the screen was not available, drive your car along with you, it is a plus, you can see the sun also. 

There was no problem with that also, I don’t feel like taking it off, it’s a strange thing brother, this has never happened with any headset before, I am not kidding at all, I have been using it since morning, I am a little lost with it. In all the headsets that came earlier, there were problems with very basic things. If you wore them, your eyes would start getting pain. They would get hot and you would start sweating. There was a lot of discomfort in the eyes. The third thing was the strap wrap. They used to look ugly, they did not look cool and the life outside that you can see was very clear and it was not so clear in any headset, so brother, this headset has corrected these basic things and it is very much. 

The next level has been created and one thing is that its tracking is very next level, which means if you mount a window here and turn your head completely, that window does not move even by 1 centimeter, that means a very small thing has been fixed on the wall. You can see it very clearly from the outside, the tracking is very strong, and the actual quality of the display is very next level, but because of all these things, brother, it becomes very next level, now let me tell you a very simple thing, it is perfect. It is not a product, its price is very high youtube-dl or earlier things were common, all these were very expensive but now we all have got used to these things and they improve very fast but I will tell you very directly. -Let me tell you directly, that our entry has been made in the future. If you people have a question in your mind that now people will do things only by wearing a headset, look, I am making videos wearing a headset, I am not facing any problems and I am enjoying. Hai, I can scall on the screen here and you will not see it, then yes brother is very expensive if you are thinking that Value for Money Products will be found when such new things are made, of course, brother of course brother If it costs all these money, then these value for money produce are not made, but brother Definitely, this is a next level product and you will also meet soon wearing headsets, whether L or the future of any company, this future defiant is very strong. Wala hai O and Chalo Ishq Hai Hai Hai Charge with Sanam Oho Phone.

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