Tecno Spark 10C in different colors has created havoc with its high-end camera and technology

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Tecno Spark 10c Havoc 

So actually there are three phones that make up the Technospark 10 series we have the tecno Spark 10 and the tecno spark 10 pro which I already have a video on so I’m going to leave a link below for you to watch and us too.

The third one is what we’re going to talk about on the phone so you want to buy this phone before you buy it if you need it Hello and welcome to the Tecno Spark 10c a normal Tecno The Spark 10 comes in a white and orange box with a spark.

10c boldly on the front Now once you open the phone case, you’ll know that Tecno is always upholding the tradition of wrapping every essential accessory with the phone so you have a charging brick at your disposal. The charging cable is you have a wired earphone. And of course a pouch or a case that you can use to cover the front of the phone is currently going for around 77000 for the gig 128 and it comes in two different colors, we have the black with stars which I have and this too. Yellowish White Now, as soon as you remove the wrappings, the first thing you notice is how shiny the back of this phone is and when you hold the phone up to your face, you realize it’s actually like your mirror. You can see yourself in it. The glossy back actually means it’s getting a lot more dust on fingerprints and the like, so that’s where the case falls right on the bottom, you see the Techno Spark body. Going to them for

That and on the top you’re going to see the camera setup that we’ll get to much later in this video on the bottom of the phone.

Moving on you are going to see a single speaker they are not stereo speakers but trust me they are loud enough for anything you want to do with it a type c charging port a and a frost a 3.5 mm headphone jack that takes headphones that come in your phone’s packaging and right side. Cherry keys going to see we have value cherry keys going to see we have value up and down key we also have unlock button which pulls as fingerprint sensor while on the left side of the phone you are going to see SIM card. are

After removing the tray you’ll see that it holds the two 4G SIM cards and the Memmerman system card. Not as flat as techno. spark 10c pro because it can’t really stand up on its own when I try but it still gives it a great design which is a build quality it’s made of plastic and the glass back is made of plastic and it As you’d expect for a really entry-level phone and more, when you pick up the phone and put it on the first thing you actually notice is the Tier CP notch on the front. The front-facing camera is what we’re going to get a lot of.

Now to talk about the screen it’s a .6.6 inch HD Plus LCD screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and 720 resolution and it’s the same one we had last year with the Techno Spark 90 so if you If you have last year’s Techno Spark 90, you don’t really need to upgrade. The device is powered by a Tiger 1616 processor and an eight-core Salt processor that’s mostly optimized for battery performance, and as you can see in na. Can see that there are no reviews and ratings.

Not really good when it comes to CPU and gaming performance but slightly above average when it comes to battery management Is it a bad processor the answer is no The rating is pretty close to what we have with the exynos 850 is with The Samsung Galaxy A14, again in terms of processor and performance, is best suited for the basic smartphone experience where you go from making daily calls to instant messaging, Facebook and other social media applications and the like. Things will not be expected. The Tecno Spark 10C has so much memory that we have four gigs of 128 gigs and 8 gigs of 128 gigs, but using a fraction of the ROM found in the Tecno phones, it means you have plenty of RAM power on the phone. Get all the things on seamlessly and more easily out of the box that the Tecno Spark 10c is coming with Android 12 and for me that’s what I feel is not really encouraging coming from tceno. The fact that Techno Spark 90 last year a actually had the same Android 12 and we couldn’t operate it means we might not be able to upgrade it to Android 13.

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spark 10c pro But this time I had a 16 megapixel main camera so what I did was to like the picture as usual with this phone and all back cameras and try to see how good they are. I’m not really good and lysing picture but of course they can really see the highest level but once remember we are talking about 77000 error form so it’s not really something you can get at this price. But if you want to expect from the camera, let me know what you think about the picture. In terms of video you get the highest resolution from the tceno spark 10c which is 1080p 30 frames per second 2’mt long from the front camera it has an 8 megapixel front camera with Al features now it’s all techno come with

The phone is something that I really like because it’s able to take a picture of anyone you’re with and it’s able to take a picture and a person can identify it when I’m taking the picture. Is if I’m trying to take a street scene. It’s able to identify if I’m taking a house or a card, it can actually identify that object and adjust the resolution and everything accordingly. Let me know what you think and also the portraits I took with it.

In the comment section below so this is what I’m testing now front let me know what you think about the video quality and audio sorry let me turn the music down so you can’t really sound good and So were shooting 1080p. The biggest ticket to shooting with this phone is let me know where you think of the video quality if it looks like my entire face is too white and batshit to respect a phone camera like this. I also think that there will be no camera in reality.

The below section is pretty much everything you need to know about the Tecno Spark 10c and now the question is who should actually get this phone. has been built and first of all they are we have people already there whether it’s an Android device or an iPhone device and they just need another phone to have their SIM card in it so they can do a basic query. With that it’s not really a job so this smartphone will actually be for you in that aspect. Is. You can reach that they have a good battery and of course a processor that is also able to maximize battery performance so these are two people I think this smartphone is made for and Please don’t get this techno spark.

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