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Introduction Smartwatch 2024

This is not a smartwatch, it is a complete smartphone, inside it you can scroll the reels, you can play Seeds, the butt of instagram2, all the people have taken it on Twitter’s Go, I have seen its ad, Dhoni Bhai had come, he gave MC stun four. He hugged me five times, I enjoyed it very much, many things were shown in it, I felt very strong, such a strong watch at such a low price, so we ordered it from my brother’s watch, let’s check the milk, curd, curd, cream and make butter. Fire Board’s new dream smartwatch packaging is quite cute, the clock is big on the outside, and different things are written on it, 900 AA battery, this is that TWA, look, they have given the voice of their tag line, they have given their tag line. 

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Hey brother, wear a phone means wear the phone, basically you can roam around with the phone but they did not tell whether to wear it over clothes or after removing the clothes, there is confusion, honestly tell me, it is definitely a premium smart watch to hold in the hand, the design of its strap. It is also very cute, it has stitching like edge to edge, many small holes have been made and the watch is also made of complete metal, here brother, it has also given a very cute crown as if it is light to move. The sound is also coming, it is looking very sweet. Brother, on the back side too, it is looking quite premium. First of all, a SIM is inserted here brother, just like a SIM is inserted inside your phone, there is an actual physical SIM inside it. You can put it in the bracelet, there is a lot of premium in wearing and holding, you will say to everyone, why are you refusing to buy this brother? Let me tell you, I will tell you the basic thing about this watch, this is not a watch, it is a phone, what did Firebird do? 

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I bought a phone, brother, put the screen on it, fitted it all, made the watch, made it live quickly, and released it in Rs. 000, brother, at a very sweet price, and when it came into my hands, I was very happy. Brother, I tried a lot of features, tried a lot of apps and the initial impressions were quite positive, but after a week, when I tried it, there were a lot of negative reviews on it, some are saying that there is a heating issue, some are saying that it is the battery. No one is speaking, no one is speaking, no one is speaking, feature is not working, Bluetooth calling feature is not working, there are many things in it, I looked a little further down in the comment section, positive comments were coming, what a scene this is. I am not able to understand anything, it is a mix and match, so we decided to test it and review it. It has a 2 inch LCD display. It has a brightness of 600 nits. 

The display is definitely very cute. There are one or two things like it is neither a smartphone nor a smartphone. You understand, it is not a clock feature like it is in a watch, if you pick it up, you can see the time, that is not all, it is a very basic feature which is available in a watch worth Rs. 1500. Look, I am holding both the watches, I have bought both of them. It is turned off, when I lift it up it will not show the time and from this basic thing you must have understood one thing in it, it has many next level features but many basic things are not correct in it but one thing. What makes this watch very next level is the software inside it and the same thing also makes things bad. The first thing is that when you open the software, you will not feel like it is the software of a watch, it looks like it is the software of a mini phone. Look at this, the touch pad also has very small buttons according to the watch. If I place my whole finger, nine out of nine buttons are pressed, then I have hit the target very well. 1 2 3 Then the watch becomes 2. After this you can see different You can change the watch faces, like we have installed this one, by tapping and holding, you will see many of them and as you scroll from the top, it comes just like the phone, brother, notification panel, sign to WiFi network, see this and see it also. 

No more and in this you have to press the button on the side which is wide, it is very difficult and understand that you have to open the settings on the top side, then your condition will be tight to press the settings button, the aim should be very strong brother, you will scroll from the top side. You can control the brightness and brightness as you open it with 1 2 3 4 small fingers, after that you get all the applications, one of which I found very interesting that it is a watch but the browser has the logo of Safari on it. When I kept all these, how many buttons did I press? Now I can’t even type. Come on, let me do something. Scroll like this, and the ‘Go’ button, the ‘G’ button is not buried in such a corner and as on the Play Store. 

Application is Sway Surfer BGA [Music] Actually put SIM in it brother let’s call and see directly this number is not showing brother the call is not going through I don’t even know brother the call is not coming apart from that you can open the contact text and calculate in the calculator All things are done in the albums, in the gallery, you can open and see all the photos, I can run the photo in it, you can install all the applications on the photo, which you basically install on your phone, and some articles. Watched the article and went on youtube1 and then I will show you that you can run Survey Surfer on a 2 inch screen, but you can see that all the buttons are very small, so you have to click on any of them, a challenge will come, but ok. The game will run by tapping, that game was running fine but as you can see, all the buttons are very small and it has not been optimized, this game has not been made, brother, we tried things to run it on such a small screen like a One click clean up brother, this clean up clean up is done inside the mobile itself, it is fitness’s sports brother, three oh brother, I feel like I will have to start running, one 21 steps are done brother, actually it is quite accurate, let me also check brother on Foot Elf Jump Rope Brother, friends, do you know that this is our tech channel, so we jump not ropes but wires, brother, zero steps, zero speed, calories, you are not telling me, I have already done so much jumping, brother, I am telling you the steps of walking, heart rate chest separately. Friends, after checking, I just checked the heart rate, it is showing at 75 beats per minute, it is coming in a small part, now brother, look now, let’s check the trade, brother, it showed 86, so it is correct, it means that a lot of features have been put in it, that’s butt. 

There are very basic things like sleep tracking or stress tracking or even if you go into sports mode, there are only five modes in it, even if you are cycling or doing gym or doing anything basic mode. If yes, then there is no tracking option in this, brother, let’s play Beej, finally it looks very different, here it is written ‘Na Craft N Sa’ because usually brother, I have seen all this on the phone, so it looks different brother, let’s play a little in this. How to make a trigger rigger, we will have to play with some four fingers brother and brother, it is taking a lot of time to start, brother, it has been a minute, brother, it is already working, dicky brother, it has crossed the button, how to end it, press it out and out, it is working, what should I click? I did it brother, I don’t understand how to go back now, okay, I can go back like this from here brother, I did it, I pressed start, I did anything, the setting waiting button was cut off from here, brother, now it’s fun, look at this. Brother, brother, it is going on, brother, it is going inside the seed bed, brother, oh brother, what fun, look, it is hitting too much, game, you can’t, means game, you can, but you can’t win, brother, climb into the air judge, it is going differently. Game Atul Bhai, what a joke, after watching the game, both the sides are feeling like champions. 

Actually do you know what is the problem in this, there is no no and no, you cannot touch with both the fingers at once brother, challenge happens only when things are going on. It gets shorter, the match is coming, brother, it is canceled, it is done, oh brother, it looks different, but the only problem with it is that neither two at once, nor two at once, either this will work or this will work like this. Lock it, now rotate it, look at this brother, what am I looking like, brother, I am wearing a belt, if I want to kill him, then I can walk like this and can kill like this, I cannot kill while walking, he will go crazy, but brother game. What is going on, those on the side have so many controls, they are all blocked, oh who is who, I can’t see you, look at me with your eyes, I have both thumbs, the screen is not that big, so how can I play with four fingers, if I start playing then I will play like this brother, oh what a fun game, brother, wow, oh brother, stop, stop, press the button, you will crash, brother, the game will crash, look, we played for five minutes, I am not kidding at all, the game has crashed twice. 

I had to re-join plus it has become too hot so actually you will not be able to play games but you will be able to shout at your friends and you can play games. Let me tell you a couple of things. Basically you have made the smartphone smaller and made it into a watch so now there is a problem with it. This is that its battery is also like that of a smartphone and all the things take as much battery as a smartphone, so if its battery lasts for one to one and a half hours, then what happens now in the smartphone, you can watch or work while charging it. Guess who has set youtube0 on this and what is the harm from it that the watch is not able to work. If you want to see the time, move it from top to bottom like this, then you cannot see it, then tap like this and enter the password, only then you will see the home screen. Very basic things like sleep tracking, stress tracking, all these things are common, they should have been there in this price point and this watch does not connect to your phone, so you cannot transfer any data from your phone, you can take calls from your phone. You can’t reply to phone messages on it, so basically this is just a separate phone which is on your watch, which has a smaller screen. Also, in our experience, its battery lasts only for one to one and a half hours and we use it a little less. If you do it then it will run for four hours. 

The entire interface is not designed according to the watch. The buttons are very small. You cannot type on the keyboard and this is the only reason where it is being sold online. You will read the customer reviews. Every person likes this. There is a lot of display in the watch, I would say that it is better to buy a watch for ₹ 77000 than buying a watch for ₹ 8000. Either you buy a complete smartphone or if you want to buy a watch, then you buy a non-smart watch which does the work of an athlete watch. In my opinion, if You have to take it for the show off, where you will have to carry a power bank, charge it repeatedly and then you can take it for the show off. If the Firebird does very basic things properly in it, it can be a very very cute smart watch. It happens but for now brother it is very difficult to recommend it.

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