Top 10 Tips To Setup Your New iPhone Like A Pro ⚡ Ultimate iPhone Setup Guide 2023

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Friends, 1.5 million iPhones have been sold in just 7 days! And so many people are buying iPhones don’t ask! So we thought of making an article to tell you that this video is for people who are shifting from to iPhone.

I’m going to tell you the basics & some advances, but you’ll become an iPhone expert! If you’re new to the iPhone or iOS ecosystem, then this video is for you! If you don’t have an iPhone, but your friends do, then do forward this video! They’ll definitely thank you! Do it right now! Let me tell you, 2-3 years ago, if someone had an iPhone, we’d look at it & say it’s an iPhone! But now, there’s no exclusivity! Seriously, every 2nd person is going to have an iPhone very soon!


But let’s move forward if you have an iPhone. So let’s start with the basics, I’ll tell you in 1-2 mins, but there are some advances that you listen to. First, you should create your Apple ID. Yes, there’s the Move2iOS app, if you’re shifting from Android to iPhone, you can do it easily & So it was very difficult to shift data from Android to iPhone.

It has become very easy thanks to You can easily transfer data from PC to Mac. One thing I’d definitely say about iPhones is that Android isn’t that secure. Yes, it’s a walled garden, but it’s a very strong walled garden. You also get security, which is really a good thing. iPhones give a lot of importance to security.


Whenever you buy a new iPhone, you should first check the battery health. If it’s not 100% then return it from where you bought it. Yes, that’s very important! Generally, if you buy an iPhone 15, the screen size is small & the fonts are also small So keep the font size medium or larger than that. For security, it’s very important to have a Face ID. If you wear a mask a lot, then set up a Face ID with a mask. But the most important thing is attention. It means to turn attention features on.

It means that it’ll only open when you open your eyes. Otherwise, if you’re sleeping, it’ll keep your phone in front of your face & then it’ll open. Don’t do that! It’s very important to turn attention features on. We create an Apple ID, but I’ve seen that new iPhones don’t open an iCloud account. You have to have an iCloud account. Yes, it’s very important. And do you know why it’s important? Because it’s very expensive. If it’s lost & someone steals it, then it’ll be very important. Find My iPhone! It’ll be available anywhere. You won’t be able to open it due to the lock screen & your Face ID.


If it’s stolen or lost, no one will be able to do anything. But you’ll be able to find it. And only if you have an iCloud account, you’ll be able to do Find My iPhone. Remember, it’s very important. And there’s a good thing about iPhones. Even if it’s switched off, you can do Find My iPhone. Yes, you’ll be able to find the location. Talking about security, there’s a lock screen. But if you give your phone to someone specifically, you need to lock it on certain apps.

It’s possible in Android, there are many apps that lock specific apps & folders. But not on iPhones, there’s only a lock screen. But there’s customization for it. Go to shortcuts, there’s a feature called Automation. You’ll be able to create automation there.

You’ll be able to choose specific apps. Like WhatsApp & Photos. If someone doesn’t want to see my important things, then you can set a Face ID for them. So if someone clicks on Photos, it won’t open until you give your Face ID. So that also, please do it. It’s very important. Some apps are very important for everyone & they don’t want to share.

So do this. Many people miss these things. Talking about security, there’s a control center. If you swipe right on the lock screen, there’s a control center. Yes, you can lock it. You need to go to settings, & turn off the control center. So that if someone steals your iPhone, they can put it in airplane mode. They’ll think there’s no network, so they won’t know the location.

It’s better to remove the control center on the lock screen. That’s it. There’s no bloatware, 3rd party apps like Android. But Apple has many apps that are not required. Like Apple Home, and Health. If you’re not using a watch, then you can uninstall them. And you can download & install the basic YouTube apps from the App Store.

So that’s it. But remember, the bigger the Android ecosystem is, the bigger the Apple ecosystem But all the apps are amazing. Nowadays, people are scared to update their phones. If there’s a software update, especially on Android. But even on iPhones, there are green lines. So wait for some time. You should update, that’s very important. Because there are security updates so that hackers can’t enter your phone. So update, but don’t do it immediately. Wait for a while, go on social media & read about the new update. And then update.

It’s very important. The iPhone is amazing, but it’s very boring. Because you won’t be able to change the icons on the apps. They’re the same, but the color widgets bring dynamism to your iPhone. If you want to change the theme or change the icons, then you can do it with the color widgets. You can customize it however you want. So use the color widgets, it’s really good.

There’s another app that makes Dynamic Island amazing. It’s not Dynamic Island, but it’s the Lock Launcher. There are 100 apps installed, but only 4-5 apps are installed regularly. So you can put them in Dynamic Island. And you can shift from there to the lock screen. You can access 4-5 apps immediately. These 2 apps are really good, use them.

I’ll tell you about 2-3 more settings, which are important for some people. For example, if you’re in a meeting & the phone is on silent mode, you don’t know if you’re getting a lot of calls. If your girlfriend or boyfriend calls, you can set a different vibration. So if you have a phone like this, you’ll know who’s calling & when to leave the meeting. So do that too. And finally, you can customize the lock screen. Long press & you can add fonts & widgets. So keep changing your lock screen, it looks good. And finally, there’s another app, which I’ll tell you about at the end. Vello.

This app, again, looks boring. If you want a good, colorful & in-depth wallpaper for your iPhone, then definitely check out Vello. I’ve given all the apps’ links in the description. I have a question for you. I’ve told you so many things about the iPhone. If you’ve bought a new iPhone, do let me know in the comments what you’ve done & what you haven’t done.

I really want to know that. And if you find this article useful, then do hit LIKE & comment! Because there’ll be a lot more articles on iPhones in the coming days. So do that right now!

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