Realme C53 4GB + 128 GB New Model 2023

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Credit Realme C534 +128 GB

Realme C53 4GB + 128 GB New Model 2023

The new series smartphone the Realam C53 now this device here the C series has always been about Realme pushing boundaries for entry-level smartphones and this time around they want to give you can even better experience even here is where are going to do a very quick un-boxing see what you get in the box and then we’ll go over a couple of keys you know features that you can find on the Realm c53 and at the end of the day find out if it the device for you let us begin worth the un-boxing now as soon as you slide open it opens this way you’ll notice that we do have a cardboard packaging that contains the silicone as well as a couple of manilas down blow.

you’ll see that you have here the real me c33 itself and you also get the 33 watt super volt charger and a type c cable all in the box so everything that you need is all in the near little box and here all right so in terms of the color way that we get the device I got any self the cha gold now you might remember like previously in all the c series real me has always been talking about this device being the champion and in the going to be the  champion of  device has to offer now for this roaming c53 real me is focusing on three key features that think will really change the user experience one we start off with the first one that is all about that 33 watt super book fast charging and a 5000mah battery real me doesn’t want you to have slow charging even though your phone is a very affordable phone if you really the c33 had a 10 watt charging so the s53 hare is a huge improvement compared to that just in terms of charging speed you won’t be able to go about 50in 31 minutes so it’s actually up there with more expensive phone in terms of charging speeds and of course with the 5000 mah battery you will be able to get through your entire clay on one single charge even if you are playing a lot of games and of course your social media so that’s  the first key  features over there now the second key features that we have  here is all about that large RAM and large storage so by default the device comes with six gigabytes of RAM but you can extend it by an additional 6gh to get a to talk of  12 GB like standard RAM now in terms of the memory we do have here 128 GB of internal storage bat of course it does support a  SD card slot that you can expand all the way up dedicated card and the additional micro SD you know some other phone they  actually sacrifice one of those shots are put in your micro SD but can still do a dual Sim  plus micro SD on the real me c33 and of course today where apps are being more and more target the science it’s not a socials it’s a sonically it’s your games must apps today are very large in the and definitely you will benefit from this larger storage now the third thing the third key features that realme is really pushing here is in terms of that deign now this design here is actually very unique and real me dosen ‘t want you to know to sacrifice in terms of your design if you are buying am affordable phone so what we do have here is a very nice golden texture of the back you know is saying that it is supposed to resemble a champion and that is why it is in Gold hence the name champion goal what I really like here is that we do have flak sides all around and in just gives you a more premium feel although it is a very affordable price point other them that you’ll notice that the build quality is also quite strong the thickness of this phone is only 7. 4. 9 millimeters  so that puts it at a pretty slim form factors as well and if you put it on the skills you notice that it’s just slightly more than 180 francs so making it quite lightweight and overall just very you know comfortable to hold in your hand alright so those are the three key features that really me is leading in the entry level large RAM and large storage and last but not least the unique design that you can get at a very affordable price point own let’s now move on and check out a couple more other cool features that we have on the real me c53 and with that let’s begin with the display although it is a very phone but we still do get a 90 hertz enough high refresh rate display it is an LCD display but it still get fairly bright especially if you are out dose but for this price point tour know up to definitely very appreciated on the real me c33 thus in terms of size we do get pretty large 6.74 inch display at the format and again this is great for watching all your YouTube also one more cool trick that I have not mentioned yet and that is sits right at the tap of the display no I think this is actually a very  cool and inventive invention form real me we have seen it on the previous real me c device and browsing you know tick tock and all that I’m sure.

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Realme C534  Display
Credit Realme C53 4GB Display

You will be able to do that very smoothly on this processer now we shouldn’t forget about the cameras at the back here although we have there circles here it’s effectively a dual camera setup now the main sensor is actually a 50 megapixel main sensor and actually managed to get some pretty good shots from this budget phone so let me just show you a couple of simples hare in fact when you take a look at phone or an entry phone but of camera performance on this xiaomi c53 is really quite interesting here and definitely good enough for sharing on your social media especially  like the night ode pictures coming out form the real me c53 because it was actually very clean and turned out well now lost but not lost we should also talk a bit about some other features we do have a pretty of fairly quickly you know a fingerprint senor on the right as well to unlock your phones and of course you do get a fairly loud speaker as well on this device so there you have it guys the real me c553 again a very affordable entry level phone where real me is trying to give you a better user experience now for the pricing the lasted pricing and promotion I ;ll put a link down below so that you can find out more about them of course roaming display is pretty nice and bright too at 6.78 inches it really feels like a media consumption style of phone and that larger size also allows for 12 979 millimeter ultra large heat dissipation area now bottom bezel also lager asymmetrical with the rest and it’s LCD pane and not AMOL LED this means you don’t get quite the same high contrast ratios in those deep dark inky and there slight color discrepancy around the 16 megapixel self camera for so it’s definitely a case of here and I’m not surprised by any of said tradeoffs something that surprise me however for a  phone was the while they aren’t the camsungS23 ultra for the z-axis linear motor does hoes help the phone vibrations improve the all round as dose the stereo speakers the is sound is little in places but it DTS and high res audio certified it’s certainly on enough and the Dual s are rare in a 200 pound phone we also have the current latest Android 13 software with tecno high OS 13 over the top software is of course a very subjective area we due to have Android 14 arriving in the next couple of months or so is don’t know the update system is going to be here but you also have to consider the much like stork Android you want or how much of a skin you want on you phone because again all phone are different and there ‘s no real right or wrong way to do it unless you bake it full of ads suppose which I can ‘t really see any so yeah it’s a good start personally. I ‘m more of a stock Android fan or at least a very light skin over the top but there are some really handy but there are some really handy  like the battery lab and special functions seat the software also runs into the camera as well and when you open the app you are greeted with the Al cam text which automatically analyze the scene and suggest optimum settings for thing s like flowers and portrait  mode for  people it certainly is  the most complete camera system with only the two sensors one of them being a del one and it would have been nice to have seen an ultra wide angle lens or 2xtelepho to for example but they would bump that price up I would imagine quite significantly again parties that said in the right condition with the 50 megapixel main you can take come nice short and it also offers 2k res video as well which a was really nice surprise and there also a few creative model like dual video where you can for example using the front rear camera at the same time so compromises  sure it’s a 200 pound dollar for but I think once you get your head into that price bracket it offers a hack of a lot and it’s another really impressive entry form thence in 2023 I will leave all tecno pove5 pro 5G.

What is the mah of Realme C53 4GB Mobile?

The battery of Realme C53 4GB Mobile is mah 5000 which lasts a good time.

How much is Realme C53 4GB Mobile’s display?

The display of Realme C53 4GB Mobile is 720p+ and 6.74 inches.

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