Tecno Pova 5 Pro 5G Review

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Ago the tecno phantom v4 a car price alternative to the like of the just ago the tecno launch Galaxy z fold 5. A lot of people get hello excited because finally they a brand had brought foldable to the masses making it remotely affordable compared to the competition anyway this meant regardless of actual soles because I don’t have that info the plan tom v fold was a big win for techno because this media attention has massively increased their visibility on the world global domination now rings to the table this guy the pova 5 pro which tecno believe could be one of the best bud get phones today and coming in at a sound two hundred dollars hard to argue knowing what it packing for that price it obliviously comes with some tradeoffs but before we get to all of the pro and cons let’s see what you get in the box refreshing it is to see company actually spend a bit of effort on the actual box design for a change and this actual means you can stack two together which means I’ve of cause got to which mean I can give one of the these away doesn’t it to you don’t miss when I post that info now tence we’re pushing this phone at tech now tech and gaming enthusiast for its hard-care performance capabilities but for those who don’t want to part with a thousand plus pound it takes a lot the major boxes without being bleeding edge in all areas and the build quality certainly is clear example go that  it certainly doesn’t feel like a 1000 plus pound phones but which it’s sharp clean edge from and weight feel in the hand if forex sees its price tag but something that is bleeding edge and something that I want to draw your attention to is this turbo light  design which is a nice color RGB LED only looks flashy pun intended but it’s also serves a purpose complained with the angular aggressive lines and CONTRASTING TEXTURES THE pava spro look like a serious machine and the lights are customizable in appearance and can be used for notification incoming calls gaming and more and the phone will actually automatically mute when placing the phone bacjside up hong on this is settle down I think kind of rear panel feature idea seems to be a way manufactures are starting to experiment with again in order to different themselves from the rest of the pack but it’s really mice to see techno doing it even at this budget level when list ending to music the light can breathe and flash in time with the music change color with charging progress and when you’re playing  games they will flash read for kill and white  for ads ETC it also activates when you enter pre loaded game space app which has amongst other thing a special game mode which you can toggle and techno panther engine 3.0 which use All to improve things like temperature controls and helps stabilize gaming frame rate and help reduce power consumption and there’s also this allows the phone to channel that power straight to the mother brand while the battery remains in sleep mode to overheating and reduce battery degradation and speaking of battery you got 5000 mah capacity is certainly substantial and should car you all day no problem s without the need to charge of causes if you do need a 70p up of juice you have that included 68 watt fast charger in the retail box 50 power in just 15 minutes which incredible and cable a pair of earphones seems like are trying to bring back some of the features that seen to have been lost on the rest of the market reviving two dying trends because of course we do have a headphone jack wide audio is of course still a  preference for certain purple including a lot games that like that zero latency aspect of audio but is the five pro powerful enough for game well inside it’s rocking the six nanometer mediate diamonds T680 which is the same as the infinix note 30 and another six nanometer phone it’s the nothing one which is a year old but was almost double the price prince at lunch multi core scores might not be quite as high as the phone one in benchmarks but the actually sin core score was more the ram can also be essentially doubles form 8 to16 gigabytes with a toggle in the setting allowing you to have up to 25 apps open and running in the back ground at any one time and the 256 gigabytes of storage should give you all the storage you need especially with today  cloud options so of course it’s not the flagship Android Snapdragon again t2 it’s not going to be as power full as a 1000 plus pound phone one of the tradeoffs you’re go have for the price of the let me remind you of the that price circa 200 and you can still game on here and game well with a 240 hertz touch sampling rate so

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Credit Tecno

it’s really nice and responsive you also have a 120 hertz so really nice and screwed when smooth when scrolling was what I was going for screws yeah and the display is pretty nice bright too at 6.78 inches really feels like a media consumption style of phone and that  larger size also allows for a 12 979 millimeter under large heat dissipation now the bottom also larger than a flagship phone and therefore asymmetrical with the rest and it’s an LCD panel and not AMOLED this means you don’t get quite the same high contrast in those in those deep inky blacks and there’s slight color around the 16 megapixel selfies camera for example so it’s definitely a of here and I’m not surprised by any of said tradeoffs something that did surprise me however for a was the hospice while aren’t the some s23 ultra doss help the phone vibration improve the all round experience as dose the stereo speakers the sound is little in places but it’s dTS and high res audio certified it’s certainly loud enough and the Dual speaker are rare in a 200. Pound phone we also have the current latest Android 13 software with techno high so 13 over the top software is of course. A very  subjective area we are due to have Android 14 arriving in the next couple months or so I don’t know what the update system is going to be here but you also have to consider how much like stock.

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