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So, it is very difficult, do keyword research, find out the content, create backlinks, create structure, and make everything easy, I will make it easy for you in 2 minutes, just list down your five to 10 computers, whatever you have to do, all that. They have already given you something, you just have to go and integrate it, I am not asking you to copy it. I am inspiring how you can work on your SEO strategy and SEO growth by using your computers. In this article, I will give you some secrets. I am going to expose, perhaps for the first time, what I often share in the premium classes and I will provide the details about the giveaway of the previous batch at the end of the article. Let’s start now, you will enjoy the article. 

When I say that you have just started working in your comparative field today and you have started working in any basic niche, you did not know at all that now you can grow your search rankings by using free knowledge YouTube2, then first. Where can we get the list of all computers? First let us see these sources, after that, we will see how those computers can help you out. So now on the screen, I have a dummy website, I am adding it in HF so that Let me show you how it will list down its computers and from where you can collect them. Now as soon as you add it to your website, whatever your website is, if you have one, then you can now use it for that. 

You will search the URL here and here you have to come to the bottom, after that, you have to click on organic search here, after coming to the organic search you have here, if you go down then these are the very relevant computers. With this website, now if these five examples are being shown to you, then here you see that keyword overlap means that their keywords or comp keywords are overlapping with your keywords. Here, now how many common keywords are there? 9000 keywords are common with this website, 8000 are common with this, so in this way, you are getting this complete list, then how many are the keywords of their total competitors, this is in percentage wise, everything is number wise. If you want the top 20 then you will click here and it will show you the list of the top 20. 


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Now this is the first method by which you can use the compa cutters that you have. So you can also export, simply export from here, now these computers will come. The first way is to extract the list. What do you have, go to keyword Explorer and suggest if I have any sites related to jewelry. What I do is, I write the word jewelry here and from here, whichever country I want to search, I will go to the matching terms. After going here, the work you have to do is that if you are on a computer of 10 DR. Or if you want to take less or more than that, keep them in the top five, if they are coming and after that tell me to show me such keywords whose word count is four. Now if Google 2 will be found against these keywords then they will be from this niche. There will be related computers. 

You can also narrow it down by adding keywords here based on your keywords or by adding key terms here so that the computers that will come up after searching these specific keywords are the ones that are needed now. How will it come out, when these keywords come, the meaning of these keywords is that they should come on sites of Google 3 or less than 10. When the comparative data will come to me and whose dr1 or less, then now this one is coming whose 26d is 3,3917k traffic, see this, 5d is and it has 10k traffic, so you want such competitors only, those whom you can use for your benefit, you do not want such a competitor whose level even you cannot reach, this is one. 

Digging SEO Gems From Competitor Analysis | Blogging 2024

The best example is because the meaning of 5D is that you can beat it very easily and if it has so much traffic then on which keywords it is, then you see an opportunity then this is the opportunity which you Comparatively, what are you getting from here? If there is 10k traffic then which keywords do I click on maybe there are some topics that I have not covered, so from where will you get the opportunity? Come down from your computer, there are 200 pages. First of all, the first keyword is permanent jewelry near me, then there is angel number necklace, then there are all the related keywords on which it is getting traffic. 

The number of traffic is coming from these keywords. So now if you find these URLs relevant, copy them, make a list of them, write down their data that there is so much DR, there is so much traffic, everything is by the way, if you see all this data from HF, then it is from HF. Tool: A number will appear on the screen, this is a trusted seller, and he will give it to you for $, you can use all this, what you have to do is, when you have made a list of 15-20 components, now you have to check them regularly. Otherwise, at least three times a month, you have to see what extra things they are doing on your site so that you can also implement the same things. So the first thing you need is keywords of keywords. 

Here you can see, now these are the keywords that have been published, now what about the other keywords that they can publish in the coming days, how will they be known, then there is a way for that also, now from here, if I go to this website. Let me open it, the next thing is to take ideas from its content and go to that also but first you go here and the first thing you have to do is to copy its site map, if the site map comes then we end. It will be good if it comes like this then there is no problem, for that you will have to use still AF or SM rush and if you are not able to budget for HF then you can use SM rush also, there will be a link in the description for that. 

You have to join the trial by clicking on the link, it will ask for card details, and it will not charge you anything for seven days after that remove the card, once the trial is ready, you can use it to extract all this data. Yes, if the site map is also available, then the pages published even today will be visible on the site map. HF surges crawl a little slowly, the pages will come after 10, 15, or 20 days. 

There is a method like a site map in it, in which you will find today’s keywords. When you go, the list of pages will come up, not whether it has been published today or on this date, on this date, it shows all the site map. Now what is the next thing, the next thing is that now you have the keyword, how will you create the content, then you will know the most. First, see which of their pages have traffic. If yours is an e-commerce site, then take the idea of ​​e-commerce. If it is a content site, then take the idea of ​​content. Here, there is traffic on product, there is traffic on category, similarly, product category, product category, etc. A pure e-commerce website is fine, it is bringing traffic to its product pages and category pages, so if you look at these and make your page similar, you get the idea of ​​what they have done or what similar ones they have done. 

There is a thing that is lacking that you can fulfill on your own, similarly, content gap analysis is also done, you can do it inside SM Rush, and you can do it inside HFK also, what do you do inside the content gap, you You will compare your website with your competitor’s website or one page with another page and use this tool to see what are the things which are causing lag in this website or page i.e. lag in your website or page. If you are not doing it here then you can get a boost by doing that thing. Okay, so from here you can do that thing, then definitely this thing helps you out that you find new opportunities, but what is your status? You have created a page, got it created by someone, you are not able to understand, and that page is stuck in the ranking, what to do next, from here you will get help in discovering the content gap, SM Rush can also do the same thing, HF can also do it, so first you should pay here. 

You have to give the URL of your three computers. Here it will pick up your domain by default because this is the domain we have given above. As soon as you give a computer here, for example, take the link of any one of the computers and copy it. After doing this, I told him brother, to compare it and show me what things should or can be there on my website the compiler has done it and it is taking the results, so here are the keywords he is saying. Yes, at least three athletes do this, then after that, okay, that keyword opportunity is showing here. Okay, let us check the keyword opportunity here. Yes, these are the keywords above the highest position and these are the keywords. 

The list has come to you, you can export it from here if you want and this website which we have added is of computers or a computer, it has so much search volume for these keywords on these positions, so much KD, so many ranks, now if you want to see What is the situation inside the search engine, you can see that also from here, but in this, credit is charged on every click, this is a bit of HF scene, hence within $100 you get only 500 credits per month, then within $20 the seller gets 100 credits. If your work is done, then there is no need to spend $100, but HF will ask for credit on each click. It consumes credit from you, so understand that if you have to think carefully even before clicking, then it is obvious that it is Rs 500. 

How many websites are there in clicks? If the research of even one website is not complete, then if you spend $100 on the research of one website, someone trusts me, the research of five sites is also not affordable at all but this tool has the data. No one else has it. This is the problem, but there are solutions available in the market, which I am telling you now, the seller gives it to you. Now you have come to know about the pages of that computer, brother, which are these? 

You can compare these things: Is the page getting traffic or is the Mac not getting it? Similarly, you can spy on backlinks. Similarly, you can spy on the content. Yes, HF will not tell you about the content. But for that, I will tell you a free solution. I have given an article link here in which I told how you will use Chat GPT, give a page to Chat GPT, give it a computer, and give it this promotion, that is in this article. If you find it inside then it will tell you that brother, you are not doing these things, do the same for this topic that your comp is discussing inside your page and your page will become more optimized, there are many more prompts like this. To perform A 2 SO, I have discussed everything in the same article, so you can read it. Now in the same way, if you want to see about backlinks, then come here to your computer’s site and here. Come on, go to the backlinks and assume that you have added the backlink of some company. Okay, as soon as you go to the backlinks, you will see the list of all the backlinks. 

There is also a comparison feature inside it, that is Link Intersect, inside which you can see which are the backlinks that you have created and or those created by your competitors, those you have not created and you should create them. Just now I have compared the keywords and shown that this is the thing that will help you because see the competitor has achieved a level of the score, you also have to achieve the same level of the score, Google 3. By staying in the same category, the keywords will remain the same. The point is that copying keywords is not a thing. It is not a problem because if no one shows it then Google exists. Ok, it is a common thing in online business also. 

This thing is normal in offline business also. Now here are the back links. For this, you have to give links of three computers and keep your website here. If you want to show link opportunity, then brother, it will show the opportunity of all the links, one by one, do it yourself, assemble the team, and see where the link can be created. If it cannot be made, make it where it can be made, make it where it is paid, and then from here you will know how much you are lagging. You say this, I have a list of 20 companies. You don’t even know that. 

Where are their backlinks built, then trust me, this is not going to work for you. Similarly, you can also reverse engineer your competitor’s social media strategy by saying, look how they are getting traffic from social nowadays. They are relaying 50% search traffic, and 50% social media traffic, so look at them, how they are building their social channels, how they are growing their audience there, and how they are bringing traffic from there to here. And then you are getting the conversion done from them, so basically all these things are known to you only by doing computer research, so now you tell me yourself, all the work is done for you by the computer, you just have to see whether it is good or not. 

If you are doing things, then why can I not do this thing, you are not a problem, nor are you sitting a pumpkin, not my brother, I do not do everything myself, I do not do anything right It will be even a little unknown that he will use his computer so that you want to learn these things at the advanced advance to grow themselves, then you can book a one -hour consultation, you can book a one -hour consultation and discus on WhatsApp2 in the description and On March 15, I am going to get a six -month recording of my blogging masti batch, which are six months recording, for some people, you have subscribed to the channel, you have subscribed to the channel. If you have liked the article, then you have your wish and get you in the next article till then Allah.

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