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Introduction Google AdSense VS AdX:

In the last one or two weeks, many of your friends have said that the only difference between Google and Dux is that both Google3 ends, so those who had asked how rich can they become if they replace AdSense with Dux. There is disappointment in the answer, AdSense and AdX are different things, both are useful, but this pain does not end, you will have to tell us about AdX so that no one gets confused again in the future.

Overview of 

Overview of

Hello everyone I am Vikram from and in today’s article we will see that Well we are back, Advertisers who want to run their ads go to Google and select their favorite keywords. They set a budget ranging from a thousand to a few lakhs. On the other hand, there are small website owners and bloggers who use AdSense so that Google can be shown on their small websites and blogs. On the other hand, there is an agency and by using this AdSense, they create big websites like ADTV. New or like apps, if you will get more money then understand that the person does not understand the game yet, playing is a very distant thing or there are some complications. 

Example: Ads on NDTV SG News

Ads on NDTV SG News

Complication number one is googleupdate.exe, big ad campuses running on Ducks do programmatic buying in which The audience is targeted based on their interests, based on location, based on genre and these big advertisers target such websites and apps and want to show ads there where they can get the correct audience and which they can analyze. If you target websites on high volumes and show your ads on those websites, then it becomes very difficult to analyze the data they get after running the ads. A lot of work gets done, but if those ads are for ads like NDTV SG News. They run such websites that are getting millions of clicks but today analysis becomes easy for them. For them, budget is not a problem but analyzing the data and measuring the ROI obtained from it properly is that. This is most important and anyway, if someone is coming to your website, if you have a small blog or a small website, then before that he would have already visited ADTV or Z News or any such big website, so it is not that If they do not target your website, then they are losing a unique audience, so by going with a big teaser, they only benefit. Now the disadvantage of this game is that big advertisers advertise on small or unknown websites. Do not run them, do not target them, most of the time, what happens is that your small websites do not get ads, and your ad spots go vacant and this is called in technical language, unfilled IP impression, complication number four, the problem of unfilled impressions for big websites. But those big websites use more than one demand partner to fill their ad spots, which is called inventory in technical language

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Understanding Demand Partners

Now, what are demand partners? Addix is ​​also a demand partner in itself, so you need to fill your space. To fill the vacant spots, we will have to find demand partners other than Ducks and these demand partners also give preference to big websites only. There are obvious reasons; they give better rates to them and not to small websites. Complication number five is the way ads-b. If you normally use such a feature in the site, then understand because Google 3 rules private auction header bidding and what I just said about demand partner, you will have to learn all this, I do not want to discuss it with anyone, if you want to learn. If you enjoy learning, understanding, and handling technical things, then you are getting huge traffic, how will you practice otherwise you are seeing a traffic of Rs. 5 lakhs on your website but it may seem like a lot to you but it is necessary. 

It does not mean that these duck advertisers will come and run on your website. AdSense is designed for small publishers and for unknown publishers who can monetize their content and with AdSense, your ad spots do not go vacant. Because a lot of small advertisers who are running ads for their startup or running remarketing-type campaigns for their small business can come to your website and run ads properly and you will have to fill their ad spots. You do not have to make separate arrangements for this, so do not run after raising an elephant named Ducks. 

You will spend a lot of time collecting its fodder. You will not be able to pay attention to your blog. Do not pay attention to the SEO of that blog or the marketing of that blog. You will get the ducks, for now, keep it right now, now the signups for this course have been closed, so if you are not a student and you are reading this article, then I am sorry, you will have to wait for the next batch, but if you are a student, Then you can learn for yourself, we will also show you the ducks and introduce you to all the other things, so this was google. See you next time take care.

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